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I have iMovie 09, but have followed this procedure: to move my events to and external hard drive. Couldn't find a similar article specific to iMovie 09... I assume they work the same way...

Well, this COPIED the events folder but left a copy still taking up space on my Mac hard drive. Can I just delete the events folder from my Mac safely? If the whole purpose is to save room on my Mac, why does this procedure "copy" instead of "transfer" the files?

I remember a similar procedure for iPhoto libraries, where you'd transfer the library file to an external hard drive then restart iPhoto (now with an empty library) holding Option or CTRL (can't remember) and a hidden menu asking you to point iPhoto to a library file would appear... Is there a way to do this for iMovie 09? even want my Projects to be on the external hard drive... and every time I import clips I want them to default to the external; hard drive iMovie "library"...

Mac OS X (10.5.4)
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