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I have a 12" ibook that started shutting down on its own then that stopped but now at random i'll shut it down and it won't restart. I reset the PMU with no change. If i let it sit for about a week or two it will turn back on and run fine for a while again. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to check?


powerbook titanium and PB g4 1.67, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    It is not unusual for an iBook with the known _logic board problem_ to start up from time to time, but not reliably.

    It sounds as though that is probably the problem.

    After leaving it sit overnight, does squeezing the case to the left of the trackpad allow you to start up and work for a bit as long as you keep the pressure on it there? If so, you may want to consider trying the shim fix suggested by John Sawyer in the Apple Discussions iBook G3 (Dual USB) Displays Forum:

    [Y]ou can often fix this yourself by removing the iBook's bottom housing, and placing a shim of any sort, about 1mm to 1.5mm thick, onto the raised square on the bottom shield. I use a Scotch mounting square--you can get them in hardware stores and many grocery stores. When you reinstall the bottom case, it will press against this shim, which will press against the graphics chip, and may allow the chip to come into better contact with the logic board.

    John Sawyer
    CJS Macintosh Repair

    Instructions for removing the lower case:


    If the shim fix doesn't work (or you're leery of trying it), DT&T Services in Fremont, California offers one of the cheapest repairs I've found. They have a six-month warranty on the repair.

    Once you get it fixed, try never to pick it up by the left front corner alone. The theory is that picking it up by the left front corner alone can contribute to logic board failure when the case flexes, causing the graphics chip to come loose from the logic board. If you're picking it up in your left hand (as I often do mine), pick it up in the center under the trackpad.

    If you can afford it, the money may be better spent by putting it toward a new (or used) MacBook. I really love mine. It is a spectacular upgrade over the iBook G3, provided that you don't need OS 9 for anything.

    Good luck with whatever course of action you decide upon.
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    When you try to turn it on, the computer makes something? (chime, HD spin,), or try to check if the Caps Lock key LED turns on when you push the key, if that happens, means that you have the iBook G3 Video chip problem.
    But if the computer makes abosuletly NOTHING, I don't know what can be the problem, I have a very similar problem (iBook clamshell, when I turn the iBook off, and I unplug the AC adapter, the compter won't start anymore, but the charger lights is green, but if I leave it pluged like a week or two sometimes, it will start again with no problems, the only way to solve this- -to me- was get battery the can save some energy, beacause even if the computer won't start, when you put a good battery, the charger circuit in the mobowill start to work, and making the iBook start up normally when i press the power button)
    Hope it helps.

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