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While trying to run CampTune to expand my Windows partition, I encountered an error. With each OS X reboot attempt, I get a Kernel Panic. Windows partition was not affected. I attempted to repair the disc using the install disc, but initially was getting "no valid packages,"message, but now it says "Invalid extent entry." Fortunately everything was backed up days ago in TM. I first tried an Archive and Install, but that failed. Now as I attempt to re-install Leopard, it's saying that the destination disc needs to be erased.

Re: "no valid packages" "Invalid extent entry" messages; will a clean install fix the problem?

Macbook pro 2.16, Mac OS X (10.5.4)
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    You would need to use Disk Warrior to rebuild the directory in order to fix the error. Erasing the drive and reinstalling OS X should also fix the problem.

    "No valid packages" occurs if the /Library/Receipts/ folder or its contents is deleted or corrupted.

    Using third-party software to alter the Windows partition will result in the partition no longer being manageable by Boot Camp Assistant. This is not advisable because if you later decide to remove the Windows partition you will have to repartition and reformat the entire hard drive.
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    Is the time to run and fix using Disk Warrior comparable to a clean install?

    Thanks Kappy.
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    No. DW should fix the directory in far less time than doing an Erase and Install, but if the drive is not fixable, then you will end up having to do the Erase and Install anyway.