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Whenever I am in a hurry and run back to my desk, (settling in to 'get back to it')

.....IF.........the first thing I touch is the trackpad, the computer freezes. Every time, 100%

It's totally frozen (to any input). The cursor is blinking though, so then I press the power button and it asks if I want to restart, but it's still frozen thus I can't choose any of the 4 options (one of which is restart), and I end up having to hold the power button down to force shutdown.

I now KNOW the problem, but it has been difficult to re-learn how to touch my computer, especially when I am in a HUGE hurry.

But anyway I'm reading thru this forum seeing that lots of folks are having trouble with MBPro freezing. And the ONLY time mine EVER freezes is when I give the trackpad an (assumed) jolt of static electricity. If I run across the office and touch the trackpad the computer freezes, it's 100% repeatable.

I told Applecare about it and they said "ho hum" (two different techs). Applecare does not seem to have a place for user information, (or they didn't believe me). This is after calling them on 4 separate occasions, resetting the Power Management Unit (4 times), threatening to re-install the O/S, making appointments for hardware tests, etc etc etc all kinds of trouble.

I'm pretty sure of it, I have frozen it like this at least 10X now.

SO, I hope this helps folks. If your Macbook freezes after you run around on carpet picking up static electricity, sit down and relax just a little while, and bleed off that static before before you touch your MBPro trackpad. Or touch the metal case first, NOT the trackpad. I have never 'noticed' an electric shock, I am just assuming it's due to static because of the behavior. Get in the habit of waking it with the SHIFT key, for example.

It wold be great if anyone has hints how to un-freeze it (after the keyboard and mouse are frozen) so if (when) it happens again I don't have to force-shutdown.

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    Hi, Tom. I don't recall that anyone at all has reported this particular freezing problem here before. If I were you, I'd make a Genius Bar appointment at an Apple store, demonstrate the problem to the Genius, and see what he or she has to say about it. It is clearly not normal behavior for a MBP, and I question your assumption that it is caused by a static discharge, if you never feel one occurring. If you pursue this, please post back and let us know how it goes.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    Not feeling a static discharge simply means it is below the threshold, it doesn't mean there wasn't a discharge.

    I'm pretty certain of this as I developed the theory, then watched it happen, like clockwork, at least 5x since. And as I said, it is 100% repeatable. I'd be happy to demonstrate this to Apple, but I barely have enough time in my day to endure the restarts, or to call applecare,,,,, certainly not enough time to go to the Genius bar to demonstrate this. And they probably have some kind of antistatic carpet there.... However if a Genius was interested enough to stop by my office I'd gladly demonstrate it.

    ..... jut trying to help folks narrow down a freeze problem. I was pretty happy to find mine, and not have to call applecare again.


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