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I'm using one of Pages' templates. I've been adding things to it, and about ready to print, but I don't see how to change the document margins; the settings in the Inspector/ Document/ Document Margins do not affect the layout [except the header]. I also note that footnotes are not available.

Any ideas? I don't want facing pages. I only want 1.5" left margin and can't see how to do it.

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    You don't say which template you are using, and the answer could depend on whether it's a Page Layout template or a Word Processing layout.

    Taking a guess, I'd say you're using a Page Layout template. If you don't like the objects in your layout so close to the left edge, you must grab them and move them to the right. This may require that you also make them narrower so as to preserve your right margin. In Page Layout document, your objects, including Test Boxes, are Floating, which means that they don't respect the margin settings. It's up to you to place them as you wish.

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    I'm using the template called 'Landscape Brochure'.

    Is it the case that margins don't always control the limit of printing? It's a little non-intuitive I guess, especially since now I have to revise 16 sheets.

    And while I have you on the phone, how does one re-size an image without Pages insisting on maintaining the aspect?


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    All the margins do is control the extents of the Text Layer of a Word Processing document and the extents of Headers and Footers of all documents. I think Pages will warn you if you try to position content outside your printer's printable area, but it's just a warning and it's up to you to make the correction. Pages is a what you see is what you get program, at least in principle.

    Regarding the image resizing, I don't think Pages will let you distort an image, but you can adjust the mask to change the aspect ratio in a cropping mode.

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    Margins in the Inspector do not control the printing, only where you put the basic text layout.

    For print margins go to *Print Set-up* and make a custom setting.

    Most printers will not let you print right to the margins and have a non-printing area around the edges. To find the extent of this make a page with a grey box entirely covering it, and print with a Page set-up that has page margins set to zero.

    If you wish to resize images, non-proportionately:

    +Inspector > Metrics > uncheck Constrain Proportions+

    You may find it useful to download the Pages09_UserGuide.pdf from under the Help menu. It is far from perfect but a start to understanding the way Pages works.

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    +If you wish to resize images, non-proportionately: Inspector > Metrics > uncheck Constrain Proportions+

    Thanks Peter, I spend so little time in the Metrics Inspector, I forgot about that checkbox.

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    And, as a person spending an awful lot of time in Numbers and Keynote, I SHOULD have known about it…