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Virginiagal Level 1 Level 1
My kids and I each have an iPod Classic, so of course we each have an iPod USB cord. When we connect any of them to the computer they will not charge or acknowledge who's (i.e. Kim's ipod) iPod it is. I have also bought two new cables and they do not work. I can my camera USB cord in the same port for and have no problem uploading pictures. Why will the cords not work? HELP!!!!

Dell, Windows XP
  • Alexander Richardson Level 2 Level 2
    Hi virginiagal

    i think the best thing to do is to take your ipods and cables into the apple store genius bar http://www.apple.com/retail/geniusbar/. they will try it out and maybe the experts will be able to solve your problem. I think its probably your computer as its unlikely that a new cable won't fail at the same time an old one does. I would say it was the ipods but its very unlikely that more than one ipod would fail at the same time.

    Good luck maybe theres someone out there who can help online, but its hard to try and solve your problem without seeing your ipod cable computer etc.