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I have a brand new MBP and it won't connect to any non-apple wireless routers

- my computer is 2 days old (it's awesome and I love it accept that I can't get wireless connection at home)
- wireless router: westell versalink model 327 W
- PROBLEM: my mbp will detect the network just fine, but won't connect to it...just times out, it will connect to a neighbors linksys, but cannot load any internet pages, so still not helpful. When I try to connect to the wirelesss router using the network utility it asks for a WEP password, which it never did before because it's an open wireless router. (I know you should always password protect, but it's not my router...I'm just in the same house)
- I had a powerbook G4 and ibooks that have all connected fine to the same wireless network. My dad has an HP laptop that also connects fine
- it only connects to the apple brand airport wireless routers
- it will connect to the wireless router if I plug in the ethernet cord
- I have tried checking the connections, allowing all connections, repairing my disk permissions (even though my computer is only 2 days out of the box), resetting the router, opening the router so no password is needed...NOTHING WORKS!
- I also tried another wireless router (netgear): doesn't work

I've been reading around in some forums and this seems to be an apple and maybe more specifically a macbook pro issue (just by process of elimination). One forum said that it was because of an airport update that basically "breaks" mbp's airport and makes it not accept any non airport wireless connections, apple supposedly is working on a fix but who knows

I'm feeling disappointed and very upset that this is even a problem, especially with how many people I read are dealing with the same issue wit still no solution. My mbp was far from cheap and this just shouldn't be an issue. I'm planning on contacting apple and getting to bottom of this or at least some kind of answer.

MacBookPro, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    I'm having the same problem, though mine does connect to other routers, just not the one I have at home! This shouldn't be happening. Please post any replies you get. I'm out of the U.S. or I'd call too.
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    - it will connect to the wireless router if I plug in the ethernet cord

    this is because there is an actual physical connection between the router and the machine, so the router allows the connection automatically. i believe ALL wireless routers have a "Wireless Access List" in their config. the owner of the wireless router must add any machine or device seeking to gain access to the wireless router. consult your routers documentation on how to access the router from a web page and add your machine. this is usually done by adding the machine's mac address to the wireless access list. i added my 15"mbp and iphone to my netgear wireless router in about ten minutes and have no problem connecting every time.
    also, when making any changes in Network Preferences, be sure to "Apply" after any change or adding any wep key. let me know if you have any questions.
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    Two nights ago I downloaded the 10.5.7 OS upgrade, which I installed yesterday afternoon. Since installation, my Airport connection to linksys has failed. I haven't been able to get it up and going at all. Nothing else has changed, so the OS update is the only variable. Any tips?
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    not sure totally.. but some things to check i know can throw problems with some routers and stuff I've seen before...

    • have Appletalk disabled for your airport interface (some routers don't like it for some reason, and you don't need it under most condtions)
    • make sure you don't have any proxies set up
    • make sure your TCP/IP settings are set to use DHCP

    other than that, not sure what to tell you, I use my MBP all over the place on many wireless networks and have never had a problem.
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    I am having the exact same problem after the most recent OS update. I have been to 5 different locations (I travel a lot) where everyone in the room could connect (with both PCs and Macs) but me. I can connect to the wireless network but I cannot browse the internet or get mail.
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    Hi All,

    I'm no expert but had a similar problem. I've been travelling abroad and used Airport while on the road. I suspect the Hotel internet connection caused the problem as others with Windows PCs have had problems there.

    Trouble occurred when I tried to login at home on my Airport Extreme. Logs in to Net but cannot get internet connection. Eventually gave up and went to Genius at Apple Store. They just solved the problem (after 15 mins) by:

    Resetting "Pram" by

    Restarting Macbook
    While Restarting Command Option PR

    Resets the boot ram

    You might have to try 2-3 times but it worked for me

    Best of Luck !,

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    Please explain "While Restarting Command Option PR" -- what keys am I supposed to push? FYI - I have the exact same problem above. New MacbookPro can't connect to Linksys. IPhone 3GS has the same problem.
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