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I use Itune 8.1.. on a apple macbock with XP pro.

had no problem till today
did not change my configuration, no update, no new programs

When I use itune, the sound is malking some "tic" "blick".. like on a old tape or disc (or intersideral "zic" there is 3 or 4 diferent noise).
After some sec or min after one of these sound, the itune sound stop but the song continue to play. the small noise are still there but no music
If I pause the song and push agin on play it's ok, If I start a new song it's ok.. some sec and no sound one more time. song are dowloaded from Itune or compressed from CD.
The same with only flu radio.
same for podcast .

It appen local on my computer and remote on airtune as well.
Windows media player and VLC are ok

I did try to

-Repare itune
-Uninstal itune and quick time
-Uninstall and erase all folder and regedit I found
-uninstall and reinstall via apple update
-restore to yesterday
-uninstall then reinstal itune 8.0 (not passible to open because of the data -library newer) then reinstall 8.1

Still the same..

Is somebody as a solution for me without formating my computer?


Macbook 13", Windows XP Pro
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    Some news from my probleme and strange news..

    Today at the ofice, no probleme with my itune..

    The only difference is the network. mostly the same configuration : same router with 1 or several airtune conected.

    Back here, my problem is back !!! if I desactive the conction.. no probleme !!!

    Did try to conect on the airtune or the main wifi router on wich the airtune is connected and probleme on the 2 when conected..

    Wil try tomorow to shut down one and after the other.

    Do you have a idee of this strange probleme?
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    So I did try,

    When only conected to the airport with the main router disconected it's ok

    When conected to the main router in wifi, not OK

    It's a brand new router with tv conection from my provider, I will go to change it but can somebody tell me what is this problem?

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    This same problem has only started happening to me on my macbook pro and most recent itunes 8.1.1 the currently playing song pauses and restarts. it happens in a split second but is noticeable.

    I think it might be when itunes downloads album artwork

    This might explain when you disconnect from the internet itunes isn't trying to download anything and all is ok.