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When Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone's Microsoft Exchange capability, I could swear he said that, if an iPhone is stolen, the owner can dial a phone number and disable the phone. I've not seen or heard of this capability since. Does it exist? Thanks.

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    Dial a number and disable it um no... The Exchange server admin and login and remote whip it but doesnt disable it just deletes everything off the phone... Someone can still put a SIM Card in it and use it.. Just wont have your information any longer...
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    That's better than nothing by quite a bit. Do you have to be using MS Exchange to do that or is there some way to erase data without Exchange?
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    Accessing an Exchange account via ActiveSync on the iPhone is required, and a remote wipe of an iPhone with an Exchange account being accessed via ActiveSync can be done remotely from the Exchange server only.

    It is a good idea to have the Passcode Lock feature enabled in case your iPhone is lost or stolen. The Passcode Lock feature includes an Erase Data option. When the Erase Data option is turned on with the Passcode Lock feature, all data on the iPhone will be erased after 10 failed passcode attempts.
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    Thank you. Very helpful.