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Frank Abramonte1 Level 2 (335 points)
When I go to system preference>Desktop & Screen Saver and click on pictures Folder I get a series of 3 photos that appear one at a time and fade into each other.
Where can I find these photos.
One photo was taken when I first used mail. The other 2 are photos I'm using in a book and reside in a separate book folder.
Can someone guide me as to where they are and can I substitute other photos?
Thank you.

iMac 20", 2GHz Core 2 Duo, Mac OS X (10.5.6), 3Gb, Titanium 250Gb Ext FireWire Drive. Quark 6.5, PS CS2, Office 2004
  • Bruce Etnyre Level 4 (1,445 points)
    Do you have iPhoto? If so, open that and select Photos in the left sidebar.

    Otherwise, look in the Macintosh HD/Users/yourusername/Pictures folder.
  • Frank Abramonte1 Level 2 (335 points)
    Bruce, nothing in either of the places you suggested.
    Do you have any other thoughts on this?
  • nerowolfe Level 6 (13,065 points)
    Using Finder, you can either go through all the images, by looking in the All Images Smartsearch, using the Icon view, or you can select a candidate folder, such as Pictures, and after entering a blank space in the search window to bring up the Show Search Criteria Action (use the gear) you can then select
    Kind, Images and Type. Use the Icon view and you should see it.
    You can restrict the search to any folder on your computer.
  • Frank Abramonte1 Level 2 (335 points)
    nerowolfe, even if I can find the image it doesn't tell me where it comes from. I can find 4 copies of the same image. They link back to a book I created, however there are 20 images in the book why are not the others showing in screen saver?
    Do you have any other thoughts on this?
  • Bruce Etnyre Level 4 (1,445 points)
    In the Finder’s Find window, when you select a file it should show the path at the bottom of the window.
  • nerowolfe Level 6 (13,065 points)
    Frank Abramonte1 wrote:
    nerowolfe, even if I can find the image it doesn't tell me where it comes from.

    Yes it does. Just select the image and look at the line in the bottom of Finder.
    As you mouse over the line, it expands, if necessary, allowing you to find the file location.
    You can also right click the file and select "Get Info" and see the path to the file.

    Some of the files may not be in the Pictures folder and therefore not showing in the screensaver.

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  • Frank Abramonte1 Level 2 (335 points)
    I traced one of the 3 photos that appear as screen saver and found it in
    User>My Computer>Pictures>Photo Booth
    The other 2 trace back to
    User>My Computer>Pictures>iPhoto Library>Data>2009>Feb 24, 2009>holden 1stDayPage03.jpg
    The only problem is that the iPhoto Library is not a folder, but an icon.

    When I double click the Data folder it opens the other 2 photos. I can't figure out where the Data folder is.
  • CMCSK Level 6 (10,712 points)
    The screen saver photos are stored in Machintosh HD/Library/Desktop Pictures
  • Frank Abramonte1 Level 2 (335 points)
    CMCSK, I went to where you pointed and found Abstract, but not Beach and the others.
    I found the photos in Photo Booth.
    What I'm looking for is where is the Pictures Folder.
  • cornelius Level 6 (17,825 points)
    You might check Home Folder > Library > Screen Savers. My folder is empty, but then I have not been using screen savers on this Mac.

  • CMCSK Level 6 (10,712 points)
    The photos inside the screensaver Picture Folder were found here on my computer-Home/Library/Pictures
  • b99 Level 2 (290 points)
    The photos are probably inside iPhoto Library as indicated. iPhoto Library is a "package" not just an icon. If you open the Library you will get access to them (right click, or control-click on the Library and access "show package contents") but be very careful not to change anything in the Library or iPhoto may be seriously compromised. Usually the Library contents do not need to be accessed because each photo can be exported to an outside folder of your choice.
  • Frank Abramonte1 Level 2 (335 points)
    b99, I followed your suggestion of control-click, and there they are.
    One photo is in the Data>2009>Feb 24, 2009>holden1stDayPage03.jpg
    and the other in Data>2009>Feb 24, 2009>holden1stDayPage05.jpg

    The same photos also appear in the Originals folder.

    What I don't understand is I don't have a 2009 folder.
    When I do a search I get the following, can't find a source link:
    Feb 24, 2009–Data
    Feb 24, 2009–Original
    Feb 24, 2009_2–Data
    Feb 24, 2009_2–Original

    How did these two photos end up here?
    Is it safe to delete these items, or should I just let them stay where they are?
    Why does it only display page 3 and page 4 of a book that has 20 photos.
    Is because they happen to be the first 2 photos in the book?
    If there is no explanation, then I'm at least satisfied knowing where they are.
    I don't use screen saver, just happen to notice it by accident.
    Thanks for the help.
    Cornelius and CMCSK, I really appreciate your interest and suggestions.
  • b99 Level 2 (290 points)
    No, I don't advise deleting anything directly from within the iPhoto Library. The way to delete photos is through iPhoto itself when it is open and showing you the photos. Highlight the ones you don't want and delete them in the usual way (delete key or Photos>delete from album).

    "I don't have a 2009 folder". Do you mean elsewhere on your computer? If you download photos from your camera directly into iPhoto the only place they will be located is in your iPhoto Library. If you download them with Image Capture or some other program into a folder in your home folder that would be different and you should be able to find them. You would have had to import them from there into iPhoto. (The same applies to photos from emails which can be saved directly into iPhoto or put elseswhere.) iPhoto names the folders within the iPhoto Library by the date associated with the photo or photo download.

    Aren't these photos ones that you have taken or saved?
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