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  • IntergalacticWalrus Level 1 (0 points)
    Just reverted back my system to 10.5.6 using a Time Machine restore.

    MacBook 2,1 with a HP w2408h. Connected using HDMI (display has no DVI port, and there's no way in **** I'm going to use VGA).

    This is unacceptable. Apple needs to fix this immediately. From what I see on the forums it affects ALL Macs that connect to an external display using HDMI. I've also seen a few reports of people having this issue with DVI.

    How does one report a bug to Apple? I looked at the support page and didn't find it.

    This is a very serious regression. We need to put some pressure unto Apple about this.
  • mantissa Level 1 (0 points)
    I have an iMac 24" which I use with a W240D. My 1920 X 1200 res broke on 10.5.7 update too.

    I use DVI

  • cizko Level 1 (15 points)
    A bug has already been filed by two users. Check the posts above.
  • Chrysaor Level 1 (0 points)
    Sad thing is this issue was present since new Mac Pros came out and they knew this.
    I wouldn't hold my breath for a fix.

    I switched to DVI for now, issue is caused by the HDMI connection only.
  • adaml75 Level 1 (0 points)
    OK, managed to make it work after some time spent tinkering with SwitchResX. The cool thing is that you can uninstall the shareware after adding custom resolution. Finally I can work again

    Never had such a problem with Apple updates before.
  • twrmark Level 1 (0 points)
    My only solution was: got to
    download and install switchResX, after that you should have your native resolution available.
    If not, like my case, from Preference Panel> switchResX> click on Export EDID.
    This will save a file named as your monitor model.
    Open it with TextEdit, scroll down and find your max native resolution.
    In switchResX pref.panel go to Resolution>Custom and click Add
    Add all your Timings Settings copying from file saved (Export EDID)

    Hope this helps.

    p.s. Good job Apple... good job.
  • cizko Level 1 (15 points)
    just read the other thread mentioned in the above post and it is funny to find out that apple in the past RECOMMENDED the same third party software that I found to fix THEIR bugs!!!! That's just ridiculous! I cannot use an alternate DVI connection, since my monitor just has HDMI-in as a digital input!


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  • cizko Level 1 (15 points)
    Just got word from Apple that this issue is going to be filed as a bug with normal priority and that it will be taking weeks before it is going to be fixed. Furthermore I was told, that even phone support started giving out the temporary solution I found with SwitchResX. So it is time to give a short howto here on using SwitchResX with a TFT display connected to your Mac via DVI or HDMI:

    01. Download SwitchResX Universal Installer:
    (current version is 3.8.6)

    02. Unzip it.

    03. Install it by double-clicking the SwitchResX Installer and following the
    instructions. It will automatically lauch the program on completion, if you
    do not tamper with the Installer's default settings.

    04. In the window named "SwitchResX Control" click on the custom tab.

    05. Click on the plus ("+") button at the bottom left of the window to add a new
    configuration. A window will pop up called "Timing Parameters".

    06. Make sure the drop-down list in the upper left corner is set to "custom".

    07. Check "use simplified settings" at the bottom of the window, then select
    "CVT-RB" from the now activated drop-down list.

    08. Enter your native horizontal resolution in the first field below the
    "Horizontal" column title (e.g. "1920", no quotes!).

    09. Enter your native vertical resolution in the first field below the
    "Vertical" column title (e.g. "1200", no quotes!).

    10. Make sure that "Interlaced" is unchecked (top right).

    11. Confirm that your vertical Scan rate matches a value something near to 60
    Hz. (It does not necessarily match exactly 60 Hz, since my Belinea
    o.displays clock at 59,997 Hz for example.)

    12. Check "Positive sync" in both "Horizontal" and "Vertical" columns.

    13. Click "Ok". (window closes)

    14. Back in the previous window, you should now see a new resolution entry
    matching the values you just entered.

    15. Click "Apply"

    16. Close the window and reboot your machine.

    17. Once restarted, open up System Preferences and choose Apple's original
    "Monitor" preferences.

    18. In the "Monitor" tab, you should now be able to choose the newly added

    19. If your screen does not scale the image, try checking "Overscan" from within
    the "Options" tab.

    20. Fingers crossed, you should be all set. Maybe you need to do a final reboot.

    21. You can safely deinstall ScreenResX after the process and the fixed
    resolution will still stay on. Or you can decide to give Stephane (the
    author) some credit for his great tool and buy a copy.

    Best, Matt
  • Tesselator Level 1 (70 points)
    Thanks Matt!

    I had the same issue. I used the utility. I have two identical monitors and somehow I did them differently cuz one says 59.98 and the other says 60KHz.

    Anyway, I uninstalled the SwitchResX and I have both monitors back to 1920x1200

    Also my LG L246WH no longer offer ARC options.

    This is a disgusting bug and Apple must fix this! It's kinda working now but this solution suks! Games and other software that needs to be stretched to full screen now no longer works correctly.

    Again *Apple MUST Fix this!!!*

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  • excomax Level 1 (10 points)
    What I don't like about SwitchResX: You need to install the Application Enhancer. A **** Haxie which caused much trouble in the past. As we use to say in Germany: Die Wahl zwischen Cholera und Pest!
  • brandscill Level 1 (35 points)
    Got Exactly the same screen and the same problem! What is going on
  • mantissa Level 1 (0 points)
    thanks for your detailed guide there, but here on a 24" (early 2008) iMac and a Hyundai W240D, it aint workin'!

    I shall try to fiddle some more, but essentially, I can't make that custom res appear anywhere or persuade the W240D to be driven correctly - it's just stuck at 1920 X 1080!
  • a brody Level 9 (65,758 points)
    This is a common problem after updates. Usually fixable by zapping the PRAM:
  • BRanger Level 1 (35 points)
    Also having the problem here on an early 09 mini, output via mini displayport to HDMI. I was sending my display 1080p resolution, but now the recent update has forced 1080i as the best possible. I guess I'll also try the workaround but I'm kinda ticked that they jacked this up.
  • Scratchen Level 1 (5 points)
    That's probably the first thing all of us tried. And it ain't working.. Sorry.
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