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I purchased a movie from Itunes and it shows up in my library movies but it wont sync with my iphone. Before I bought the movie i rented a movie to make sure it works and I liked the format so I know that it can auto sync with the iphone. In they Sync section of Itunes under videos it only has 2 headings. Rental movies and TV shows. There is no option for Movies at all so it does not even come up to transfer it over to the phone like with the rental.

I have solved the problem temporarily but would love help on a proper fix. If I check the box manual merge music and videos on the summary page I can get the movie over by dragging it from the library and dropping it into the phone but it still does not show up under the video tab but is on the phone. This then deletes all my music and I have to manually sync that as well.

HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am using a mac book with an iphone and a move in Itunes that I actually paid for - from itunes. I just cant figure it!