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Good evening.

Couldn't see anyone else mentioning this, so just seeing if it's only me.

I downloaded 10.5.7 using the normal Software Update feature in Leopard and let it auto-install.

I have a MacBook Pro 15" aluminium unibody 2.4gHz which previously ran for about three hours doing things like emails and facebook, twitter, Adium, etc. but since installing 10.5.7 this morning the machine gets rather warm (as if I was playing World of Warcraft or encoding a movie in iDVD, etc.) and I noticed the battery life shortly after turning on was something like 1h30m, which is very unusual.

I had my 2nd magsafe charger with me at work so I plugged it in and after recharging rebooted and during my lunch hour after 40 minutes of use it stated I had little over an hour of estimated use left. I plugged it in and it charged again and after getting home I was watching TV and using my usual websites and I glanced at the battery meter on the bar at the top of the screen and it said that I had 90% of the battery left, which was 1h9m!

The MacBook Pro (email receipt from Apple Store in Bluewater, Kent, UK says Macbook Pro 15/2.4/2X1GB/250/SD part number MB470B/A) was purchased 27th February '09 so is still rather new.

System profiler says:
Health Information:
Cycle count: 37
Condition: Good

It was fine yesterday and the only real change has been installing 10.5.7. The machine now lasts about half as long as it used to on a charge and runs very warm, infact placing my hand over the F2, F3 & F4 buttons feels rather warm. I've also checked to make sure I'm using the 'better battery life' graphics option so it's using the 9600M instead of the 9600M GT.

Anyone else having any problems? If this carries on for more than a couple of days I suppose I should give Apple a call to see what they think?

MacBook Pro 15" Aluminium Unibody 2.4gHz, Mac OS X (10.5.7)
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