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    Bob3rd, when it boots Safe, what resolution does that result in? When you go into Displays Preferences while booted Safe, what other resolutions are presented as choices?

    Generally, if you select another resolution other than the one it comes up in when booted Safe, that newly chosen resolution will be the one used during the next, normal restart. Hopefully that will get the mini back on the road to health. Good luck.
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    dpierron wrote:
    Of course, we'll still have to check if it really corrects the problem...

    Well, I checked, and it works ! Good work, Cupertino !!!
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    Just updated to 10.5.8 from 10.5.7 and it DID NOT resolve the problem on my 40" Sony Bravia (KDL-40D3000). Will keep waiting for the next update.
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    Sorry I took so long to reply. We became quite busy after I posted. I did finally resolve the issue and now I am back home having not made any notes. I must have started into safe mode a hundred times trying different combinations and somehow muddled through and got my dad's system up and running again. I will be more careful about taking updates without researching them in advance.
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    Somebody found a solution for this?

    I have just installed OS X Snow 10.6, and I can not get a picture on my Sony 46" D3000 (it worked fine earlier). I do get the gray start up screen right after the chime, but then the display just turns black.

    Default by the system the only resolutions I got to select between was 640x480, 800x600 and 1024x768, these resolutions should be supported by my TV, but I still cannot get any pictures (it works on a normal monitor).

    I have enabled VNC remote control and tried different resolutions. Also tried to add 1360x768 and 1366x768 with SwitchResX, still no picture.

    Do I use the SwitchResX wrong?
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    I'm having the same problem with OSX 10.6: not even screenX helps to solve the issue. SONY KLV-32L500A connected to a macbook pro using a DVI to HDMI cable
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    Any news about this? I have the same issue.
    Grey Bootscreen ok, but when the login-screen should appear, the screen turns black.
    When I connect my Bravia to my running system, Snow Leopard just freezes and I have to reboot...
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    I have a verrry similar issue. I have connected my Sony Bravia to my Mac-mini via a mini-DVI to a DVI Y cable to HDMI #4 input on my TV. I also have connected to the DVI Y connector my standard Samsung LCD monitor. If I boot the computer with the TV Disconnected, computer boots fine and I can then connect the TV to the Y connector and all is fine. If I boot the computer with the TV and the monitor connected, both displays go black. I assume the computer is trying to decide on a resolution. If I attempt to detect displays in the displays panel, the displays also go black.The next thing I will try is to change the TV's settings (resolution) to agree with my monitor. Maybe my answer is to just bite the bullet and connect the TV after booting. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Since I have seen so many questions on this issue, I am replying to my own posting.

    I have solved my problem. Instead of using the DVI-Y cable I was using for the second monitor, I purchased a mini display port to DVI adaptor for the Sony Bravia connection (HDMI 4). My Samsung monitor is still connected via the mini DVI port. Works great!! No Booting issues, no black screen issues. Once set for the desired configuration, mirror or extended desktop, and the desired resolution, the settings are remembered until changed. If you want to mirror the displays, check "mirror displays" under arrangement and uncheck "overscan" under options.

    I hope this post helps someone else too.
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    williambsmithjr wrote...
    All --

    I believe I've solved the Mini-to-TV resolution issue, at least for Sony Bravia owners.

    As an FYI, I was seeing the same issues. I have three brand-new Mac Minis that I'm using
    for demos connected to Bravias. The first one I updated to v10.5.7. The other two remained
    at v10.5.6. Same problem across the board: on my 40-inch Bravia XBR9, I lost about an inch
    of screen around all four edges, so OS version didn't seem to be the culprit.

    Here's the fix: On the TV, go into the main menu (not the "options" menu), then "Settings,"
    then "Picture & Display," then "Screen." For HDMI in, set the following:

    * Wide Mode to "Full"
    * Auto Wide to "On"
    * 4:3 Default to "Off"
    * Auto Display Area to "Off"
    * Display Area to "Normal" (default is "-1" which seems to be the cause of the one-inch edge
    problem. Setting to "Normal" was the fix).

    Picture coming in on both the 10.5.6 and 10.5.7 Minis is perfect, and all edges are correct.

    Hope this info helps.


    I followed the above but found that setting Display Area to -2 gave me about a 1/2" all round black from on my Sony TV Bravia 42". This was the best I could do.

    My Mac mini is connected using an Apple Mini DVI to DVI adapter and then a Belkin DVI to HDMI which was then connected to HDMI port 4 on the TV.

    I'm running 10.6.2 on a brand new Mac mini (late 2009) 2.26 GHz with 4GB RAM.

    I tried a VGA connection but simply could not get any TV picture at all. In fact the PC never did light up on the TV menu display that shows what input ports are receiving video signals.

    I have the Mac mini audio connected to the TV's audio input for HDMI port 4 and then connected an optical cable from the TV's audio out to the TV audio input on my Bose Lifestyle home theater speaker system -- and the sound is awesome.

    I'm quite pleased with this setup but would of course love to have the Mac mini's display fill my Sony TV screen to its fullest extent.
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    Barryx- I have nearly the identical setup as you- a brand new 2.26 Mini running 10.6.2, connected via mini-dvi/dvi adaptor, and then dvi to hdmi cable to my 46 inch Sony Bravia set.

    It works like a dream- no black boarder anywhere- full screen full 1080p, but not at the start- I had to fiddle a bit to get it working.

    In OSX, can you go to System Preferences, Display, and verify what resolution you are currently running in? It appears that the Sony Bravia profile is already in Snow Leopard and is auto-detected when you connect via HDMI, so, you should see at the top of the Display resolutions list, choices for 480i, 480p, 720, 1080i and 1080p resolutions. To avoid the black boarders, do NOT select a (number x number) resolution, and instead select (if you can) 1080p.

    Then, click on the Options tab, and make sure overscan is clicked on.

    Now, the image on your TV should either be flat out perfect, OR, if you notice that the tops and sides of the screen seem to be getting cut off, pick up your Sony TV remote, go to TV Display settings, and make sure that you have selected BOTH the Full screen and Full Pixel options (under Display Area).

    Hope this clears up your black boarder issue-
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    Hello everyone, I just read this entire topic. I as well as many of you, are having the problem with this display issue. I just bought a mac mini less than a week ago. I needed to upgrade my computer that connects to my tv. I got a really good deal, so i went ahead and bit. ANYWAYS, i bought a Mini DVI-HDMI female adapter from amazon, and connected it and low and behold, same issue as you all. I unfortunately do not have a Sony TV, I currently have a Sharp 40" TV. Yet, i too have the dreaded Overscan issue. I did research for this issue, and noticed that it dates back to May of this year! That is not a timely manner in any way shape or form to still being having this issue and to have a new OSX released since then and still to be having the issue. I tried to call Apple but they were closed when i called, so tomorrow I will be calling them again.
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    3rdnfnlbst, it has nothing to do with the Mac. You need to change the screen size setting of the Sharp.
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    Well that *****, I don't think my tv can resize to what I need. It's a craptastic tv, it's a sharp (not aquos) but barebones. I'm having some other issues with it so I might bring it back to get looked at with the warranty. Thank you for your quick response.
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    thank you for the final piece of the puzzle.

    I too was missing the top and sides of the screen on my Sony Bravia, but selecting both options in the Display Setup of the TV finished the puzzle.

    Thanks again.