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Hi everyone,

I was wondering. How can I reboot my iMac from the very first time I bought it, and turned it on? I want it to be like it's fresh out of the box, and all of my apps should be deleted, and the one that came with the iMac should be already installed? I have the two installing discs (Tiger, and Leopard). Is there a way I can do that without putting in more memories in my iMac? Please help. Thank you so much.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.7), MacBook 10.4.11 (white)
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    Your computer came with a restore disc. Insert the disk and run the restore program. When asked, indicate that you want to format the drive and restore. Back up your data first!
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    How do I know which one is the restore disk? I got the iMac Mac OS X Install Disc 1 and 2, and the Mac OS X Leopard CPU Drop-in DVD
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    Start with Install Disc 1. At some point it will pop out and you'll be prompted for disc 2. This will leave you with the computer as you brought it home with all the bundled software - iWeb, iTunes, iPhoto, etc and I assume 10.4 (Tiger). Then insert the Leopard disc to upgrade to 10.5 - You don't want to skip straight to the Leopard disc.