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My friend gave me her old computer after it died and she bought a new one. We were able to rescue her stuff from the harddrive using the Firewire target mode, and I took it thinking it was a simple corrupted bootloader problem with the HD and it just needed to be reformatted and the OS reinstalled.

However, the computer won't boot from anything.
I won't boot from an external HD.
I won't boot from the Leopard install DVD.
I won't boot from the internal HD after using target mode to install Leopard.

Used verbose mode, and it looks like there's a kernel panic. It just stops there.

Any help??

iMac G4
  • K Shaffer Level 6 Level 6
    Perhaps if you have the original install restore boot disc set of software
    included with the computer when new, you may be able to use the
    Apple Hardware Test, if you can get the computer to boot up in it...

    Depending on the computer's vintage, configuration and status, the
    machine may be one of those shipped with a CD drive and not a
    DVD drive; so a Leopard DVD may be an unlikely startup media.
    Which version iMac G4 do you have there? Some info is on the
    bottom of the metal circular tin and the original configuration often
    is written there. In a non-running computer, accessing the easily
    found System Profiler is generally out of the question, to get more
    info on the configuration of the computer you are dealing with.

    MacTracker - free downloadable product database: http://mactracker.ca

    Sometimes, after a power outage or other disruption, an iMac G4
    may require the Power Management Unit be reset. This is a small
    button located in the compartment beneath the metal base plate
    and next to the AirPort wireless card slot (and second RAM slot.)
    You press the button once, fully, and then put the bottom back on
    the computer and follow any relevant instructions from the Apple
    support document on the topic, before attempting this or restarting.

    Resetting the iMac (Flat Panel G4) Power Management Unit (PMU)

    There is a chance, after all this, you may get the computer to boot.
    Also, there may be a chance other efforts may be necessary to see
    what the real problem is with the computer. Troubleshooting may
    take some time and if you can get the computer to boot from a
    disk utility or hardware test disc, that would be helpful. In some cases,
    these computers may have some hardware failure behind an issue.
    One of the paths to consider after testing may include a new logic board.

    Good luck & happy computing!