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here is my goal. I have a DVD that I would like to import into my computer (not copyrighted) and from there have it on my list to sync up with my iphone and play it back on ipod videos on the iphone (unless there is a better way to play it back on Iphone) I tried to bring it in last night, and it didn't work with idvd. I tried to burn a copy and paste it to where I wanted it to go, no help there.
I think this should be easy. Could the dvd be in a 'wrong' format and how do I tell? Any help is appreciated.

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    Use Handbrake.

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    You can use Handbrake, MPEG Streamclip, Ripit or some other software to help you extract the video. However, you need to know that the problem is that video on DVDs is compressed, and it needs to be uncompressed for you to edit or use it in another project. When the new iDVD project is burned to disk, the video must be recompressed. These processes result in a loss of quality.

    Here is AppleMan's recommendation for using MPEGStreamclip:
    +I have found I get the best results when I use MPEG Streamclip (which is free). You also have to install the Apple QuickTime MPEG2 Playback Component which costs about $20. Once you install the QuickTime MPEG2 Playback Component, you don't have to interact with it, but MPEG Streamclip needs it.+

    +Insert your DVD in your drive. If DVD player runs automatically, shut it down. You should see your DVD as an icon on the desktop. Open it is a finder winder. You should see a folder which has VOB files.+

    +Open MPEG Streamclip and drag these VOB files into Streamclip. If it offers to fix timecode breaks, say yes. You can do the VOB files one by one if you want to deal with shorter clips. Or, you can drag all the VOB files at once and create one long clip, or use streamclip to separate them into smaller clips.+

    +In Streamclip, select File/Export using Quicktime and choose Apple Intermediate Codec. You may want to check "Deinterlace" in this step. Try deinterlacing and see if you like it. It depends on your final target media as to whether this will help.+

    +Now you should have MOV files in Apple Intermediate Codec which can be imported into iMovie.+
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    thanks so much!! it worked exactly as you said!!
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    You are very welcome.....and a thanks to AppleMan for the info.
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    I'm still stuck on 10.4 - is there an equivalent that will run on that?

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    MPEG Streamclip runs on 10.4.11
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    Cheers - many thanks.....
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    You are very welcome!