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Hello -- I've seen a few postings with similar issues, but no answers that work yet, so I'm hoping someone may be able to help.

Recently, I can not get itunes to sync or update either my 1st or 2nd gen shuffle. itunes sees it and diagnostics says everything is fine (although the diag program takes 5-7 mins to run). Non-shuffle ipods work fine on the same USB port. Also, the shuffles work fine on other computers.

I have deinstalled/reinstalled itunes, as well as the USB driver. I downloaded the reset utility for both shuffles and run. No difference after any of these efforts.

The problem is the same for autofill or drag/drop. itunes says not to disconnect the ipod as it's sync'ing and the little sync symbol appears next to the shuffle, but itunes just locks up ~5 mins. It returns w/o an error message, but nothing has been copied. It's the same whether I try to copy 1 or 100 songs.

Any help will be appreciated. I'll cross post in 2nd gen discussion as well.

Thank you,

HP, Windows XP
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    I am having the same problem with my third gen Shuffle.
    When i connect it to the computer it shows up as a disk for a few seconds en then disrepairs, even if i try to enable manual eject.
    If i uninstall Itunes and "MDCS" the shuffle can then be used as an USB hard drive.
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    I'm having similar problems. Up until 4 May 2009 when I installed Windows 7 RC1 on it, I had one XP SP3 PC which was running iTunes properly and syncing and autofilling my iPod shuffle. The laptop described below no longer let me run or re-install itunes on it since I upgraded it to XP SP3. When I switched to Windows 7 RC1 on the XP desktop that was running iTunes properly, I was able to re-authorize that PC for iTunes 8.1 (64 bit) but after that, could not sync nor autofill, nor restore the ipod, but I could buy songs and play all my songs under Windows 7 RC1. Yesterday (Friday 15 May 2009) I got a new HP Compaq 6735s 2 GB RAM 160 MB HD, Vista Home Basic laptop and today installed a fresh download of iTunes 8.1 on it. Now that laptop won't let me even authorize iTunes on it. Any time I do anything in iTunes that involves contacting the web, it comes back with unknown error -3212 unable to contact server. This comes up when I try to authorize, and when I try to play some of my purchased songs on the laptop -- it demands that I authorize the laptop then tells me I can't (error -3212). Also when I try to restore the ipod, I get the same -3212 error trying to get to the update server. I turned off both the windows firewall and stopped the McAfee firewall but that didn't help. I renamed the Hosts file also without result. There doesn't appear to be a tech support email address or trouble reporting web form that can be used to report this and the search and troubleshooting FAQs on the itunes website seem to be pretty useless in resolving this. The phone numbers are either sales related or they want $59 an incident to give me a call back. Seems like Apple is drifting into the Yahoo and Google approach to tech support -- basically, "discuss your problems among yourselves, suckers, we're too busy raking in the cash to bother with your problems."
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    Looks like this problem has been resolved for the new Windows Vista Basic HP laptop by just removing McAfee antivirus. I'm going to try switching to F-Prot to see if it still works with that installed. Looks like Windows firewall is not causing a problem with iTunes and iPod communications. Windows firewall came on automatically when I uninstalled the McAfee firewall and antivirus from the laptop. Still no clue as to what the problem with Windows 7 RC1 might be.
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    Well, I ended up just trying all the windows support documents apple had on their website. Even though I had none of the symptoms -- this one did the trick.