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Hello -- I've seen a few postings with similar issues, but no answers that work yet, so I'm hoping someone may be able to help.

Recently, I can not get itunes to sync or update either my 1st or 2nd gen shuffle. itunes sees it and diagnostics says everything is fine (although the diag program takes 5-7 mins to run). Non-shuffle ipods work fine on the same USB port. Also, the shuffles work fine on other computers.

I have deinstalled/reinstalled itunes, as well as the USB driver. I downloaded the reset utility for both shuffles and run. No difference after any of these efforts.

The problem is the same for autofill or drag/drop. itunes says not to disconnect the ipod as it's sync'ing and the little sync symbol appears next to the shuffle, but itunes just locks up ~5 mins. It returns w/o an error message, but nothing has been copied. It's the same whether I try to copy 1 or 100 songs.

Any help will be appreciated. I'll cross post in 1st gen discussion as well.

Thank you,

HP, Windows XP