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when i do this
or try to
i thought it would remove some space from my HD
when i did about 1/2 way it showed i only had 74gb left on HD
before i started it it was 96
i cancelled and it went back to 96
if i do the erase free space
will it just use more of my hd or actually clear it and it was just false?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    The "erase free space" feature is meant only for security: it literally zeroes-out the "free space" that's on your drive. This prevents anyone from (maliciously) recovering any files that you have deleted.

    Ultimately, it won't change the available space on your hard drive, but during the process, the Finder may report that you are running out of HD space (and you will see the available space reduce). But it will return to 96GB when you complete the process.

    You can only recover actual room on your hard drive by deleting files and then emptying the trash.


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