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Whenever I try to open programs such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, or Office, a window pops up saying "The application ______ quit unexpectedly. Mac OS X and other applications are not affected." It then gives me the option to relaunch, which leads to the same window popping up, or the option to report to Apple, which I have done several times. This happened a few weeks ago and I don't know why. The only thing I can think of is I tried installing an update for Office and it froze so i had to force quit my computer. Has this happened to anyone else? Help??

  • Carolyn Samit Level 10 (102,820 points)
    HI Laura and Welcome to Apple Discussions ...

    When apps quit unexpectedly...

    There are several reasons an application might quit suddenly. If an application does so repeatedly, try to correct the problem by:
    • Reopening the application. Click Reopen in the dialog that appears when the application quits unexpectedly.
    • Clicking Try Again in the dialog that appears if the application crashes after using the Reopen button.
    • If there is a problem with the application's preferences file, clicking Try Again sets the application to
    • temporarily use new settings based on the application's default settings.
    • Restarting your computer by choosing Apple > Restart.
    • Uninstalling any third-party plug-ins or enhancements for the application that's quitting unexpectedly.
    • When you update an application or Mac OS X, a plug-in or enhancement you previously
    • installed may not be compatible any longer.
    • Reading the application's documentation (including Read Me notes) to check if it's compatible with your version of Mac OS X.
    • Opening another document in the application. There may be a problem with the document you were opening before.
    • Using Disk Utility (in the Utilities folder of your Applications folder or on your Mac OS X installation disc) to repair the disk.
    • Updating your software by choosing Apple > Update Software. Updates often correct issues found in previous versions.
    • For applications not produced by Apple, look for updates on the manufacturer's website.
    • Disconnecting any peripheral device you just connected (for example, a printer).
    • It may not be compatible with your version of Mac OS X.
    • If disconnecting the device solves your problem, contact its manufacturer.
    • Running Apple Hardware Test, on a disc that came with your computer.
    • If you just installed hardware, such as additional memory, Apple Hardware Test can tell you if it's defective.
    • If you can't find Apple Hardware Test, take your computer to an Apple Authorized Service Provider.

    And make sure you have sufficient disk space. Right or control click the MacintoshHD icon on your Desktop, then click: Get Info. In the Get Info window, click the discovery triangle so it's facing down. You will see; Capacity and Available Make sure you have 10% available disk space, 15% is better. Not enough available drive space can cause issues like you are experiencing.

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    I have no printer or other cables connected to my computer, I have way over 15% disk space left. I tried updating my software and nothing changed & I also repaired disk permissions, like you said. If I try to open another document on Word instead of just opening Word itself, the same window pops up. So far, nothing is working.
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    Hi Laura,

    Are you only getting this error message when opening Microsoft Office applications? Are you getting it with any other application outside of this suite?

    If it's Microsoft Office specific, based on your above post it sounds like a framework issue that got damaged/corrupted when the update was unsuccessful.

    Do you have the Office installation disc available? I'd recommend re-installation of Office as the next course of action to repair any potential damaged frameworks.
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    Yes, it is only Microsoft Office programs. If i re-install this will I lose all my documents? Should I save them to a usb drive?
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    HI Laura,

    Try deleting the associated Word preference file. I'm not certain of the exact wording but it's similar to this. com.microsoftword.plist

    /Users/YourName/Library/Preferences. Drag that file from the Preferences folder to the Trash, empty the Trash and restart your Mac.

    *Here is the exact instructions...* http://support.microsoft.com/kb/887298

  • Soft Reset Level 4 (1,790 points)
    That's a fantastic link from Carolyn that's on Microsoft's website!

    To answer your question... no, deleting/reinstalling Microsoft Office will not delete the data that you've created (documents, spreadsheets, etc.)
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    LOL I thought I'd better find the exact wording on that .... I didn't want throw her off. I love Google.
    Now if it works!

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    I tried the link and it still didn't work, so I re-installed Office and IT WORKED! Thank you both for your suggestions and help!
  • Carolyn Samit Level 10 (102,820 points)
    You're welcome!!!! Nothing like a happy Mac user