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Kelly Crossley Level 3 (710 points)
I just purchased BF 1942 for my 20" iMac G5 and I have to say that I'm really quite disapointed with it's performance. Even with everything set to low it's still not very good, IMHO.

If you have a game that's running pretty well with the iMac, would you please post it here. If you're using special settings please post that as well.

  • Macsastic Level 4 (3,380 points)
    Try World of Warcraft! It is IMO the best game for the 20" iMac G5. It runs natively on it so u get a great size screen and with 2gb of ram it runs smoothly. My in game name is Ghar. Look me up when u get in:)
  • Thoth Level 1 (115 points)
    Kelly, I hope that you have your processor set on Highest Performance when playing taht game. I have found that it greatly improves your frame rates when playing graphics intensive games another great games besides WOW is Halo which I get excellent frame rates from.
  • Paul Necessary Level 1 (110 points)
    Unreal Tournament 2k4
    Myst IV
    Warcraft III

    No problems with any of them when the iMac was working.
  • Kelly Crossley Level 3 (710 points)
    Try World of Warcraft! It is IMO the best game for the 20" iMac G5. It runs natively on it so u get a great size screen and with 2gb of ram it runs smoothly.

    So your iMac keeps up with no lag? Did you have to modify any of your settings (video or sound)?
  • donny Level 6 (10,310 points)
    I would think it is a programming issue and not the imac. I have found with other games that were suppose to work flawlessly on my G4 run awful (Tiger Woods).
  • shazza Level 5 (5,820 points)
    Call of Duty should run fine on your iMac G5 - it runs quite well on my 1.33GHz 12" PowerBook. Other games that run well - Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (at reduced settings) and Neverwinter Nights. Can actually run Doom 3 on this as well, even though it does not meet the minimum specs. Would also agree that Halo should okay on your machine.
  • GeminiTM Level 2 (225 points)
    IMac's graphic card is a sad story. But in my opinion, iMac is not a gaming machine.

    Anyway, get World of Warcraft, best game ever on any platform. I use low-med settings and cpu turned to highest. It is definitely playable, if not with the highest settings.

    Good luck!
  • Michael Pearce Level 1 (65 points)
    WOW is great i love it , halo is also good warcraft 3 dissapoints on the iMac .. starcraft rocks. you dont need to CPU set on highest to play these some think it helps others just get anoyed with the fan on highest.

    in anycase WOW is now becomming hard to get hold of and then theres the monthly fee but all things considered if you tweak it up in the video options it runs very nice
  • Jeff Kearns Level 2 (220 points)
    I run starcraft on my iMacG5 2Ghz and am annoyed by the fact that it uses all available CPU speed. The full CPU utilization pumps up the fan speed.

    Has anyone got a workaround that limits how much CPU a game can access?

    In other news... Americas Army v2.3 runs perfectly on my mac. I get between 35 and 45 fps when playing. Its not the best, but it is certainly playable without any noticable stuttering or lagging.
  • LiamXVI Level 2 (415 points)
    tried playing alot of games on my mac, i have givin up on it really, some work fine, others not so great, i personally own an xbox and ps2, £1000+ for imac, or £100 for xbox, take your pick for games
  • The Dude Level 2 (255 points)
    I like BF 1942 the best. It is better on my iMac than my old AMD 3200+ with a 128mb Radeon 9600 PRO!
  • Ryan Nelson Level 4 (1,720 points)
    Hello Kelly!

    I would try the Halo Demo for your iMac. I run it on my eMac w/ ATI Radeon 9200 32MB graphics on medium detail and 800x600 without a hitch. I would think BF 1942 would run pretty good on your iMac since it meets the basic specs. I would also recommend you go under your System Preferences and see if the processor performance is set on high. It might make the system a little hotter and a little louder, but from what I've read it makes a big difference in most games and other heavy applications.
  • mbushnell Level 1 (70 points)
    As others have stated, WoW runs great on mac. I have the stock 17" rev B iMac and it runs just fine on my comp. Get it if you don't mind the $15 a month fee.
  • AgeMaker Level 1 (55 points)
    The first game I ran on my iMac 20" with 1gig of RAM was Doom III, I run it near the highest settings and have no problems at all, even with online play. Myst IV however was a tad choppy on the last level, but if you've seen that level, you'll understand why.

    I plan on purchasing an Xbox-360 for my gaming, and I'll leave my iMac to the important stuff.

    Game consoles are taking over the gaming industry anyway, they are designed for one thing and one thing alone. GAMES. That's it, nothing else.

    You wanna play games, get an X-Box 360, you wanna work, use your iMac. And heck, the new X-box will even match your iMac in color and style. You can't go wrong.

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