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somehow along the way, my itunes importing settings changed to custom 48 khz as opposed to 44.1. Anyway, seeing as that i don't think standard cd's go above 44.1 i wonder how much of a disservice i have been doing to my library other than the slight uptick in file size. will the unnecessary upsampling i've been doing actually do anything to degrade the sound? i tested a few re-rips and i can't tell any difference but i wonder if a true audiophile could chime in.....


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    There won't be any degrading : what you have done is exactly the same as someone who converts AAC to AIFF or Lossless - nothing is lost but nothing is gained apart from unnecessarily large files. You could re-convert to 44.1 without any loss of quality, but you may wish to let well alone.

    The only consideration is if you decide to export those files for playing in another device (or use in other software), where 48 isn't supported.
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    thanks for the info. i think i'll just leave it alone instead of converting everything back.