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I just bought a new iPod Shuffle and I'm having a problem syncing the music. I have one specific playlist that I want the Shuffle to sync to, and it currently has about 5.3GB of music in it. The Shuffle's capacity is a little under 4GB, so I want it to pull a random selection of the songs in that playlist every time I connect it to the computer, but all it tells me is that it can't sync because there isn't enough room. Is there a setting I'm missing? I could swear this used to work.


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    Hi,Nick I cant solve your problem but I to have problem with syncing with the new 4gb ipod shuffle.We are told you can download up to 1000 songs with this ipod my libary has 757 songs @ 6.41gb.but Im only allowed to download 427 songs @ 3.77gb.
    So it looks like we are in the boat m8 my old nano downloads more songs than the new 3g. Regards Bruce
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    I found the solution to my problem. You have manually manage the iPod, then click on the Music section under the iPod. After that, the Autofill option appears in the bottom left of the main window and you have the option of choosing which folder you want to autofill from.
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    Hi Bruce,

    The 1,000 songs is an average based on all the songs being of an certain length, probably somewhere between 3-4 minutes, and a certain quality, probably 128kbps. From what you've posted, I'd guess your songs tend to be longer, or set for a higher quality than this average. Along with that, a 4GB hard drive is commonly known to have slightly less than a 4GB capacity. And keep in mind that the iPod also has necessary software installed that takes up space on the hard drive. The new 3G iPod Shuffle's software might actually be larger than the old nano because of the speech software.
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    Yeah, you don't want to shop on how many songs they say you can fit on an iPod, because that can depend on a lot of variables. You always want to shop based on formatted device capacity, because then you have a rough idea of how much of your library will fit on the iPod.