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Paul Hopewell Level 1 Level 1
Possibly not the best forum for this question, but I hope some of you use VMWare fusion to run Windows on your MAC.
I originally used VMWare fusion eacy windows install to install XP Home as my virtual machine with automatic start up of XP home when VMWare fusion starts. I have subsequently created a new virtual machine for Windows 7 release candidate and want to automatically start this rather than XP when VMWare fusion starts. However I cannot fathom out how to stop VMWare fusion automatically loading and starting XP.
Any ideas? I should probably post this to a VMWare fusion forum, but cannot work out how to do that! I can see the appropriate VMWare forums but cannot see any way to post new threads. I do have a VMWare account.
Many thanks for your help.

Paul Hopewell

IMAC, Mac OS X (10.5.6), I am visually impaired and so rely on Voice Over. I also run Windows XP Home on my IMAC under VMWare fusion using WindowEyes screen reader.