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I had to do a full restore of my Iphone 3g 2.2.1 & while trying to restore I kept getting this error. My Iphone was stuck in recovery mode and kept asking to connect to itunes, Itunes would then detect the iphone was in recovery mode and attempt to update & restore but kept getting the error half way thorugh then After about a hour of being on the phone with an apple tech we solved this problem.

1. I had to remove itunes & Apple mobile device, Bonjour services
2. Had to reinstall everything.

After all that i kept getting the error. for some reason vista wasnt letting Itunes do its thing so we did this.


After all that i reconnected my iphone and did the restore and everything went well. Just thought i let everyone how to solve this error (14) the rep said it was a vista error & not a itunes or iphone error. Hopefully this help anyone out with this problem

Windows XP
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    Just wanted to share my solution to this problem.
    After maybe 6 tries in window 7 bootcamp it just magically worked.
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    Ok. I have spent the last 8 hours researching this problem and have the absolute 110% answer to everyone's problem with this issue.

    Error 13 and 14 : Are checksum problems with the firmware image that is in the update package.

    The update package is a .ipsw (IPod or IPhone SoftWare). This file is actually just a .zip renamed .ipsw.

    The error is caused by a failure to download a crc-free version of the file. Not really sure why there are so many crc problems with the iphone updates, but Apple does not check the integrity of the update package before wiping your current version of IPhone software and that is why all IPhones that start an update with a bad update package end up in recovery mode. These errors are NOT related to the iTunes installation, antivirus software, or firewalls.

    Recommendation : use a program like "Object Fix" (Freeware) to verify the integrity of the file prior to commencing with any new updates. You will have to keep trying to download it until you get a error free file. Once you have a CRC error free file this problem will go away. (I thought TCP/IP helped get rid of CRC errors.)

    I had another problem and that was...

    Error 1603 and 1604 : These are USB driver connectivity problems.

    Recommendation : FULLY uninstall and re-install itunes software as stated in the Apple support documentation. Be sure to reboot between each step and these problems should clear themselves up. In addition, firewalls and anti-virus software may cause these errors as well.

    Finally, shame on apple for not properly documenting their software so that end users do not have to decrypt their error messages with no true support to solve the issues. These are problems that enough people have had that there should be specific documentation on these problems.
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    Thanks so much i spend 4 hours in research and many times trying to fix my 13 error but i just follow your instruccions the key was object fix thanks so much. gisele