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I posted this question a month ago and didn't receive any replies. I'm hoping somebody stumbles upon it with a suggestion. Thanks!

My iTunes library shows 1743 songs, but ony 613 songs get synced to my iPhone. I'm using iTunes, iPhone 2.2.1, and Vista 64 Business.

I do have iTunes set to only sync checked songs, but less than 5% are checked (and I can see many checked songs in the iTunes music library that aren't on my phone). If I sync all, 18 more songs (a tiny amount) are added. No error messages are displayed after syncing, there aren't any warning symbols next to the songs in iTunes, I can play the "missing" songs fine from within iTunes, I've consolidated the music library (and I let iTunes keep the music folders organized), I do not have the "manually manage music" setting checked, and only a handful of songs were puchased from the Apple Store.

This has been going on since moving my music and phone to this new computer a few months ago.

I'm stumped. Ideas? Thanks!

Windows XP Pro