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I cannot call up my iPhoto slideshows through Apple TV. The only thing that I can do is call up a set of pictures and hit slideshow on the Apple TV menu and it will transition the photos by itself and play random music from my iTunes collection. When will Apple allow Apple TV to play the slideshows that I have developed on iPhoto with my transitions and my selection of music?!

iBookG4, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    When I originally asked the question, it was about playing iPhoto slideshows on Apple TV - that is slideshows that one creates on iPhoto with custom music and transitions and play that slideshow on Apple TV. The conversation quickly got into some other areas. Does anyone know anything about this topic?
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    Did you get this problem fixed? I am having the same issue. I just installed the recent update to my Apple TV. Before this, I was able to view on my Apple TV all my iPhoto SLIDESHOWS just as I had created them within my iPhoto on my laptop... (showing the chosen photo order, transitions, music, etc.) I have dozens of these custom slideshows and loved watching them with friends of my Apple TV. However, now the Apple TV shows these SLIDESHOWS in no relation to my picked preferences in iPhoto. The slideshows now just seem to adjust to the APPLE TV setup and not carry-over all the iPhoto edits.

    Please note: I have restarted and re-sync multiple times and no success. Nonetheless, I did go all the way back to a "factory install" and besides the pain of the LONG re-sync of 6000 songs and 7000 photos, it DID play these slideshows CORRECTLY at last... However, this old version of Apple TV has no movie rental and other recent additions. HELP!!

    This limited SLIDESHOW viewing was never an issue until this most recent upgrade. I hope they did not change this in the new upgrade as viewing my photo slideshows with the proper editing/music/transitions was the FAVORITE thing about my Apple TV!!

    Why did they change this??!!

    I just read on the Apple Support site at:

    "Note: iTunes and Apple TV do not stream photo slideshows made in iPhoto; you can stream either the entire photo library or just selected albums and use Apple TV's slideshow function to view photos in a slideshow. Music used for photo slideshows on Apple TV also has to be streamed from iTunes." WHY!!??

    Did you get this fixed?
    Many thanks for your help!
    Michael Petty,
    Email: mrpetty@mac.com
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    As a follow on to the above thread - can anyone answer the above important question?

    1. I have just bought my first AppleTV and was looking forward to - and fully expecting - to be able to watch my much loved collection of iPhoto slideshows, just as I can on the Mac I created them on upstairs. I find it incredible that this is apparently not possible, and very disappointing. In my experience of other Apple products over recent years such feature deficits are usually addressed in software updates - I just hope that they sort this out soon. Is this likely?

    2. Similarly the fact that it seems that you cannot STREAM photo content at all is a bizarre problem as I was under the impression this was part and parcel of ATV. On mine there is NO 'shared photos' option in the menus that people talk about in other threads in this forum. Anyone have answers on this?

    3. And finally - now that I have my several thousand pictures SYNCED to ATV I am somewhat surprised that there is no browsing of Events, as in iPhoto. To have to scroll down through thousands of pictures, waiting for them to load up as you go, to be able to see recent ones is pretty rubbish. There isn't even an option to display them in reverse chronological order which would at least make sense. Fair enough you can look at albums but this is still much below the standard you'd expect from an Apple product - they are normally so intuitive and slick.

    Can anyone shed light or reassure me on the above issues? Much appreciated...
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    For question 1 you can sync an Iphoto slideshow to ATV. It doesn't play any music that you may have recorded on Iphoto when creating the slideshow. You can export your Iphoto slideshow as a movie and then sync iit to ATV or Ipod etc see

    For question 2. If I understand you correctly the answer is yes you can stream . Look at this link to tell you how to stream photos and albums. http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1273

    I can't answer 3 as I don't think I understand your difficulty. I have 3000 odd pictures synced but they are organised in albums in date order or subject order, whatever I want.

    Hope this is of some help
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    Re Q3. I just did a sync of the last 20 events in my library to ATV. They all appear with the event titles. ready for browsing. that is 20 events and 500 photos. Is that what you want to do?
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    If this was not possible i would assume that Apple decided to kill this function (again?).

    Yes, I have the problem now with this, but I used to stream my slideshows from iPhoto to Apple TV together with music and it was in October 2008.

    They probably mean that this is not exactly iTunes that srtreams sliedshows. You have to run iPhoto with iTunes on your Mac when you expect to see your iPhoto slideshows.

    This function worked in older iPhoto an d iTunes for sure. Even my music worked. Having that said i am awar that Apple sometimes takes away what it gave to people once.

    You do not want to start messy function of syncing as:

    1. You cannot mix syncing and streamin.
    2. Sharing can mess up your libraries by removing stuff that you purchased - I got that once and to disable synching is not logically resolved in iTunes (Apple, it has to be on top BEFORE we decide to connect with that key code and the process starts without prompting you to stop!).
    3. You may run out of space on little disk on Apple TV. 160GB is funny size for someone with 1TB of movies and photos.... especiall that you cannot extend Apple TV with external disk.