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Hi all, the keyboard shortcut for insert page break is command-enter according to the help menu. But when I press that combination, nothing happens... Now for the stupid part of the question: the return key on the apple keyboard also says 'enter' in smaller letters. Now this is the same key, or not?

Anyways, any tips appreciated.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.7)
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    Where did you see the key board shortcut for inset page break?? I can't find it in the help menu nor does the Insert menu show that there is a keyboard shortcut. This is what the Pages User Guide says:

    +Here are ways to insert a page break:+
    +In a word processing document, click where you want the break to occur, and then+
    +choose Insert > Page Break.+
    +To remove a page break, click at the beginning of the line that follows the break and+
    +press the Delete key.+
    +In a page layout document, to insert a new page in your document, click Pages in the+
    +toolbar and choose from the template page options available.+

    BUT I found that you can use Shift + numeric Enter. On my MBP I use Shift + fn-key + enter

    That is how one did it in AppleWorks and it seems to work in Pages too!
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    They mean the Enter key on the numeric keypad. The two are distinct on the Mac, only on the PC are both referred to as Enter.

    Cmd - Enter works but you must be in a Word Processing document. It doesn't work in Layout mode. Doh! Apple what were you thinking?

    Column break does work between linked text boxes however.

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    Now we have two combinations to insert page break