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Hey there,

Grabbed a new mac mini at the Apple store today, rushed it home and I've set it all up.. for some reason the mac mini, or my tv has cut off the top of the screen, so I can't see any of the toolbar which, to be honest, is pretty dam annoying.

I'm using a mac mini outputting to DVI - then a dvi to hdmi into a 32" tv, anyone got any ideas? I've tried messing with the resolutions but they ALL seem to cut it off? I'm not sure which it is and I don't have a spare HD tv to test it on - is there someway to set the 'edges' of the screen through the settings on the mac?

I've put up with zooming in with the control key and the mouse wheel while pairing, restarting etc.. but I shouldn't need to rely on that?

BTW I'm completely new to mac, used windows my whole life, so please no jargon..
Just hope when I get this sorted the rest of my experience with a mac isn't so disheartening!

thanks a bunch!! and sorry for the essay!


Mac Mini, Mac OS X (10.5.7)