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I was attempting to sync some of the apps that my husband had purchased from the apps store (we are using the exact same account, so there isn't any cross-account problem). The apps all appear in the "applications" tab on my itunes. Here's what I've done:

I tried syncing and for some reason there were a number of apps that wouldn't sync. So I backed everything up and restored, making sure that all the apps I wanted were selected to be synced. When it was all finished I noticed that several apps that had been on my phone weren't there anymore, and some of the new ones were, but not all of them. So I looked in the sync dialogue and noticed the ones I was missing had become mysteriously UNchecked. I rechecked all the apps (ALL OF THEM) and synced. It only appeared to be syncing the apps I didn't have. I rebooted my phone when it finished. Not a single one of the new apps were on the phone. It was like a total fake-out.

What's going on with my phone?! How can I get these stubborn apps to sync over to my phone? I'm really frustrated.

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