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I'm trying to get some sort of a CD/DVD-ROM cleaner for my MacBook laptop and desktop. I noticed that most of them can't be used with slot drives. Any suggestions as to which cleaning CD is compatible with Mac drives?

Mac OS X (10.5.7)
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    Hi Brooklyn Lion,

    Are you having an issue with your CD/DVD drive in your computer? There should be no reason to clean the inside of the drive, unless you use in a very dust/debris filled environment. From my experience, because it is slot-load and the brushings on the opening, I've yet to ever encounter and issue that required me to clean the drive. Typically, if the drive is having problems with performance the issue is more related to the media that's been read (or written to) or there's a hardware issue with the drive itself.
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    thanks! I was actually thinking about this! It is true: I don't really have any problems with the drive, but wondered whether or not it needs periodic cleaning. This was helpful.