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I've had this ipod (new classic 120gb) for about a month and I have had not problem connecting it to my computer in the past. I connect it and it will put my songs and videos on it. But now I connect it as usual and the only message that stays on my ipod screen is:

Eject before connecting

and the picture switches between two arrows going in a circle and the picture of the the connection to the ipod of the usb cable. And then when I try to click in Itunes it doesn't do anything. I have Itunes minimized and I can open it but I can't click anything. Not even the close button up the top right corner.
So I then just disconnect my ipod, it will turn off and then when i turn it on it still works but only the songs and videos I had on there before are there and the new stuff I tried to put on there isn't.

Also after Itunes will resume and come up with a message saying

'the ipod ___ cannot be synced. The required folder cannot be found'

then it will appear again for the videos. I haven't touched a thing and suddenly this starts happening. I'd appreciate help. I have a basic knowledge of most of the workings of computers so I'm confident I'll be able to understand instructions on how to fix this.

That is as much detail as I can provide. Need more? Let me know and I'll give you what you need

Windows Vista