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I just got the Rowmote App for my IP thinking it worked from the get-go with my Apple TV. No such luck. It did pair with my MB very quickly. However, I have absolutely no need to have it work with my MB and only paired it for a test. I NEVER connect my MB to my Apple TV.

So, to the crux of my problem. After doing some research, it seems that I have to "hack" my AT in order for the IP to pair with the AT for the Rowmote to work. Is this correct? If so, it kind of torques me off that iTunes didn't point that out on the App page where Rowmote is purchased. Looks like I'm out a buck.

MacBook 3.1 S.R. Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2GHz 4GB, Mac OS X (10.5.7), IT 8GB IP3G 16GB
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    why didn't you just download the FREE remote app that apple supplies.
    it's called "remote".
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    i should also add that after viewing the app in the store, it clearly DOES state that the installation of a "hack" is required for it to work.

    i'm surprised that apple have allowed this app on to the store, as the use of it requires you to hack the appletv.
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    I did a search and the 2 rowmote apps are the only ones that showed up (don't remember exactly what my search string was).

    In truth, I was really looking for an app more like "rowmote" that simulated/replaced the small remote that came with the Apple TV in case I lost the little bugger. I just downloaded the free "remote" and it seems to be useful, but limited in that it still takes the small standard remote to turn the Apple TV on.

    Also, while I didn't play with it very long, it doesn't seem to control access to rented movies (which I have one of waiting to be viewed.) It does show other "owned" video that I synced with my iTunes account.

    Guess I didn't read far enough down in the description to see that I had to "hack" my IT in order for it to work. It does work great with my MB, but I have no use for it there.

    As far as my wasted buck, I've wasted several other buck on Apps that didn't cut the mustard or failed to hold my interest.

    Too bad they don't have a free tryout period for Apps. You pays your money and you takes your chances in App Land.
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    I'm the developer of Rowmote.

    I'm sorry to hear that there was some confusion with the requirements of using Rowmote on your Apple TV. As Chenks noted, I do try my best, in multiple places in the App Store description, to make the need for a hack clear (it's noted first in the 'works with' section and then again in the 'requirements' section). The instructions are available for free before purchasing at www.rowmote.com.

    All that said, I've certainly made impulse purchases myself, and I think there is no reason for you to have paid for a program you're not using. Macaby, if you'll contact me directly via email (you can find my contact information from rowmote.com) I will be more than happy to send you a full refund (including the 30% which Apple takes and which I am unable to get back).