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I downloaded a song to my computer but it will not play the whole song. It plays the first 25 seconds of the song then jumps to the next song. I know the whole song was downloaded because when I move the statis bar dot to the 30 second mark it will play the rest of the song. I downloaded 5 other songs yesterday without any problems. Thanks.

Windows Vista
  • MoriaMegan Level 1 (60 points)
    This may be indicative of a content issue. I would contact iTunes Store Support and let them know about it.
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    Where did you download the song from? Did iTunes download it? How did it get into iTunes? When iTunes 8 moves data, it tends to disrupt a small portion of the data stream. Try to play the affected song using another media program, like Windows Media Player. Right-click on the song that doesn't play in its entirety and choose "Show in Explorer" (or whatever it says on PCs). Then open that file with WMP or other media player (QuickTime works well). If you hear some buzzing or pulses beginning at the 25-second mark, then iTunes messed up the file during the transfer. You'll need to obtain another copy. And please submit a bug report to Apple.
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    I downloaded from itunes. I wish I downloaded from cd or something else. I would have just delete it and download it again. I was afraid have to contact customer service. Hopefully, I will get someone who has had this problem before. I always get the new person haven't had odd unusual question I am always thinking of.
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    So you bought the song from the iTunes Store? If it doesn't play properly, report a problem.

    Enter the iTunes Store. Click "My Account." Authenticate. Click "Purchase History." Then Click "Report a Problem."
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    Just did report the problem now let the waiting begin. I find going to the message boards to get info tends to be quicker than must (not all) customer service dept. Like said earlier I always (well almost) get the person just out of training.
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    I have the same problem with my Gen 3 ipod nano, but on just 2 songs. One from a free download and one from a CD. It plays to a point and then just switches to the next song. I can play them on Windows Media Player and they play completely. I have tried recopying them several times and still a problem. The songs switch in the middle in iTunes and on the ipod. I think it may be a software issue.