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Few things I don't get....

How do I make the volume in my headphones go higher? This just started happening with LE. GB was fine.. MIND YOU, I used my iMac speaker outs as opposed to my Audio interface.. but the AI is less than a year old. How do I set to use my computers speaker out for LE? Plugging the headphones into the jack does nothing.

Also, how does one, step by step record vocals and guitars on different tracks? how do I play with inputs/outputs after i've created the track to ensure I'm able to record two tracks simutaneously? In GB you could see what input you were set to on each track and change that at ANY time. I can't yet see that on LE.



iMac Duo Core, Mac OS X (10.4.5)
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    update...the volumes I've played with and while still not superb (using Audio interface), the mic volumes are atrocious. Rapper voice seems ok, but all others don't even cut the mix! the meter bar on the mic barely hits 20% of max.... Works fine in GB.. so i guess that's some more details on one of the mysteries.

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    What kind of Audio Interface do you use?

    Read this forum regarding "aggregate device" (search this forum) if you want to use you mac's outputs together with the audio interface, you have to create one of these in the audio-midi-setup.

    If you want to use Left/Right Inputs to record simultaneously to two different tracks, you have to use MONO tracks and select Input 1 for the first, Input 2 for the second.