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So I've learned since I came on the discussion forums today that apparently you aren't supposed to pop the keys on a MacBook up, even to clean under them, which seems awfully impractical to me, and is also too late for me because I have already done this. A couple of times, in fact, with nothing bad happening, but this most recent time, somehow I lost one of the two wire scissor mechanisms under the spacebar. That was just the start of it; with the added stress on the remaining mechanism, the two outermost tiny clips holding the key to it broke off, so now it slides out of place every few words, depending on the angle of the laptop. I also lost both of the little curved plastic things that sit under the keys, for the left command key, and now it won't pop back into place at all.

I've found a place online to buy replacement keys, but they're just the key and the mechanism, not the bits underneath. Does anyone know if these things are necessary, and if so, where to get them without having the whole keyboard replaced? If they're that important, they should be in there a little more securely; I ran canned air under the bottom edges of the rows of letter keys, and had at least three of the plastic things shoot out from under keys that were very definitely still in place.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    hey, if your macbook top cover is dirty (yellow) or cracked it's a recognized flaw, complain about it at an apple store and they'll replace it for free. Since the top cover is a single unit with the keyboard and trackpad, then = you get a new keyboard. I did it.
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    You have learned that you can indeed take off the keycaps and clean underneath them but yes, you must keep track of the parts! Also, with enough care they should not break.

    Since you have broke them it would be dishonest to try to get Apple to replace the keyboard as has been suggested but I will leave that to you to decide.

    You can buy a brand new keyboard for the White MacBook on eBay for $49 shipped. That would be the choice I would make. Installing it is ot a big deal. YouTube has at least one good video on how to do it.
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    I actually found the second scissor mechanism for the spacebar yesterday, while cleaning, but both of the tiny clip-things that hold it on the space key are broken, so it's a moot point. And the little curved plastic things that sit underneath the keys fall out +so easily+; as I said, all it took was a little canned air under the in-place keys to blow three of them out from underneath. As it is these things being gone that is keeping my left command key from sitting in the keyboard properly, I think this is more Apple's fault.

    I'm going to a city with an Apple store in about half a month, so I'm planning on taking my Macbook with me and making an appointment with a Genius to hopefully work some of my numerous issues out.