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Okay, this is more of a complaint. I have been have TONS of problems with my power adapter, but I thought they might have been from a bit of misuse, and that I need to take better care of it. Well, last night, I was on my laptop and I look over and the light on the adapter wasn't on. I unplug it and plug it back in and it comes on. After about 10 seconds or so, it starts making a popping noise, and the light on the adapter AND my monitor on the laptop started flickering. After about 3 seconds of me in shock, the laptop turns off. I quickly unplugged it from the adapter and tried to turn it on. When it wouldn't turn on, I turned it over, opened the back, and took the battery out and put it back in. It thankfully came on. I am very unsatisfied with Apple. I JUST got this laptop this Christmas, and I was very lucky to get it, and the power adapter broke. There are no noticeable problems with my laptop but there could be on the inside. I have been having problems with it before. It crashes when I'm playing WoW, and sometimes does it on Warcraft 3, which is like 7 years old, all on the lowest video settings and using my 9600 card. I am very unsatisfied considering I thought I was buying a computer that would actually work like intended. I may have a faulty laptop/power cord, but that doesn't change the facts. If anyone actually knows where I can possibly return this laptop/get a new one if faulty/get a new power cable, please post.

P.S. I just read online that the crashing while gaming appears to be from the fans not responding quickly to it heating up. Apple, change this. I have been having problems with my Macbook Pro since I got it and would really appreciate to get a few of my problems fixed.

Macbook Pro 15-inch, Mac OS X (10.5.7)
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    Also I just read on Engadget that the Magsafe adapters are very fragile and break easy. If you go to the site and read about that, that is exactly what my adapter looked like when it broke, and I do not recall ever mistreating it, as it is one of the most expensive things I own.

    AND on top of that, I can't get my iTunes purchases over cause my laptop is dead...so I can't listen to my music which I have a major addiction to...

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    How do you disconnect the magsafe connector from the MBP? Under no circumstances should you pull on the cord. Push down (toward the table the MBP is sitting on) on the plastic connector to break the magnetic connection and then remove the connector from the MBP. My MBP was purchased in April of 2006. I operate almost exclusively on battery so the connector is removed on a daily basis. It's three years later and the connector is in perfect condition.
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    I have been have TONS of problems with my power adapter, but I thought they might have been from a bit of misuse, and that I need to take better care of it.

    If you've been indulging in "a bit of misuse," that's why your adapter is damaged. It isn't faulty — you've ruined it.

    If you believe you are having hardware problems with your Mac, make an appointment at an Apple Store Genius Bar to have it evaluated, or take it to an Apple Authorized Service Provider for repair, or call AppleCare. You have a warranty. Use it. This is what it's for.
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    Before everyone starts jumping on this OP, you have to be aware that there is a RECALL on magsafe adaptors. Apple never announces these things in writing (although a search of their Knowledge Base will bring up the information about returning for exchange).

    Take your MagSafe adapter to your local Genius Bar (you MUST make an appointment in advance). You do not need to take a box or a reciept. If your MagSafe adapter is broken, take it to the Genius Bar and they will swap it out for a new one. This applies to all Macbook and Macbook Pro owners and was originally for the early 2008 models, but has been extended through late 2008 as well, since they were also found to have some of the same stock.

    Never just walk into an Apple Store and ask them about your adapter. You MUST make a Genius Bar appointment. If you just walk in, they are instructed to guide you directly to the accessories wall where you can purchase a new one. If you go through your Genius Bar they will swap it out.

    You can also call Apple Care even if you are beyond your warranty period.
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    You really need to have your notebook looked at by Apple.

    As for your power cord, have your power cord and adapter replaced right away, and let us know if you still experience the problem. The Apple Store usually offers a quick exchange at no charge.

    How to disconnect the MagSafe power adapter



    Good luck!