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Ok i got my phone 15 hours ago and have read the guide, and set it all up properly but for the life of me i cant get music to sync from itunes library to my iphone ?

Im on windows xp pro, i have the songs in my library and i click on the sync music tab and nothing ? I can put pics on with ease but cant put my songs on ?

I tried to create a playlist of some songs to test it and clicked on sync music and select playlist of the songs i wanted and still nothing ?

Please where am i going wrong ?

HP, Windows XP Pro
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    is the sync box checked under the 'music' tab after you connect your iPhone to your computer?

    if so, do you have the playlists selected that you want to have on your iPhone?

    also, are you using the 'iTunes' app or the 'iPod' app on the iPhone. i know it sounds stupid, but there was another user who was accidentally using the iTunes app on the iPhone to try to listen to their music.
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    Yes the music tab is checked and yer ive tried clicking on all music and that didnt work and then i tried just selecting the playlists i had created like a put all my dance songs in one playlist called dance and can listen to it on itunes on my pc but when i check that box and try to sync them still nothing ?

    And im using itunes on my pc with my iphone connected via usb

    Really driving me insane ive tired so hard to work it out myself without clogging up forums with silly questions but no nothing !And it looks so easy and so it should be but pfffffffft it just wont have it ?

    Thnaks for reply Sboq hope u can help
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    do you have either the 'sync only checked songs and videos' box or the 'manually manage music and videos' box checked? this would be found on the 'summary' tab of iTunes after you connect your iPhone.

    also, what version of iTunes are you using? a new version has come out within the last few days...
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    well after spending 2 hours on the phone to Apple they have told me i need to convert all my songs to ACC which is taking me forever but as long as i can play them on my iphone that will do

    thanks for help Sbog much appreciated :]
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    what kind of music files did you have? everything is encoded in MP3 format on my computer, and i just copied everything over.