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I had my iPhone synced to my home PC. The PC had a problem recently and I had to reinstall Vista, which ended up wiping out my applications, as well. I have reinstalled iTunes, but it won't let me use it to manage my iPhone because it says my phone is synced to another computer.

No way am I going to wipe my iPhone. I'm sorry, Apple, but "Erase and Sync" is simply not an option.

How do I fix this?

Windows Vista
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    The iPhone can only sync to one iTunes library at a time, don't you keep a backup of all your stuff? The iPhone is not a storage device more like a remote for your iTunes.
    There are some programs that may let you access certain data on the iPhone just Google for that otherwise unfortunately erase and sync is the only option.
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    I think I do have my songs backed up, but my primary backup system failed. I just got lucky that much if my data survived.

    Still, this is an absurd situation. Why would anyone create software that behaves like this? An Android phone is looking better and better.
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    A lot of the reasoning surrounds DRM and some other stuff as well plus just the functionality of the device. as i said best to think of the iPhone as an access to your library not as part of the library itself.
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    I appreciate your help. This is all very frustrating. I love my iPhone, but I hate iTunes with the white-hot heat of a thousand suns. I'm sure I still have all of my music. I just have to find it and import it back into iTunes. Then I have to reinstall all of my applications. it's just very frustrating to be forced to do that because of Apple's draconian software. I'm seriously considering a Palm Pre or an Android phone, but I'll have to wait for some good apps to be developed for them. All the really cool apps are for the iPhone at the moment.

    But that is how much I hate iTunes. I'm willing to trash a $300 phone and pay an early cancellation fee to AT&T because of it. Not that Apple cares. I should be able to manage my phone the way I want, not the way they want. I had far more freedom when I had my Blackberry.