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Hi all!

I don't know if this is the right place to ask help for this stuff, but I'm giving it a go anyways...

I've been wanting to connect my MacBook Pro to my TV for a while, but has been overwhelmed and then confused by all the different adapters. Thing is, my TV has HDMI, but not DVI... I was thinking about using VGA, but then I'll have to get the audio through my TV with another cable...

Does anyone have any idea on how to do this? It would be greatly appreciated...

Oh and I should probably let you know that I have a MacBook Pro unibody which means I only have a Mini DisplayPort...

MacBook Pro unibody
Reply by Travis A. on Jun 4, 2009 4:56 PM Helpful
Just to clarify:

The mini-DisplayPort to HDMI cable is only one adaptor, whereas if you go through DVI, you will need two adaptors (mDP --> DVI and DVI --> HDMI). It should be cheaper to go directly from mini-DisplayPort to HDMI, and possibly give you better quality as well. I don't like to string adaptors together; sometimes it doesn't work as well.

Monoprice will ship worldwide without any problems as well.


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