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I'm wondering if anyone else is having this problem: most videos that I play back in iTunes stutter badly (music plays fine) within the first 15 seconds (I lose a good 4-5 seconds of picture and sound) and then play fine. I have 8.2, but it's been doing this since 7.x.

I thought maybe my setup can't handle video very well or perhaps it's a buffer problem, but strangely enough the same videos play FINE when viewed via both QuickTime and Front Row.

I've tried this is with no other apps running.

Setup: mini C2D 2GHz 2GB RAM, 10.5.7, 40" 1080p TV, 7200rpm/16MB buffer FireWire external drive (where all the media lives).

Following Greg's suggestion here (http://discussions.apple.com/message.jspa?messageID=6648346), I checked to see what iTunes is doing the moment the video stutters: it seems to create and delete (within a split second) a file called "Temp File 1.tmp" at .../Music/iTunes/iTunes Library.

Any suggestions or tips will be highly appreciated.

macbook c2d 2.0mhz, Mac OS X (10.5.7), 2gb
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    yup, same problem here. I was thinking my apple tv was going back until i started watching a movie on my imac and the same problem happened.
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    Okay, I searched the discussions and this is closest to the issues I am having.

    The 8.2.1 upgrade may or may not "stutter" during playback-- one music video from the iTunes store will play perfectly, another will play the music fine but the video will lurch forward, stop, jump, and then lurch again-- and when I tried the "Warehouse 13" download from the iTunes store the first thirty minutes were fine, then it started a combined lurch, stutter, disconnect and reconnect synch, then back into the virtually unwatchable and audio missing gaps playback.

    It seems to be related to the 8.2.1 update, and maybe to buffer size.

    Is there a way to order iTunes to increase buffer size?

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    I had an interesting thought right after I posted the above.

    If it was a buffer glitch, then hitting pause, shutting down iTunes-- nothing else, just iTunes-- and restarting iTunes, selecting the same item and hitting play should reset the buffer.

    Okay, it is insane, but if I do that it jumps back to the paused spot and plays twenty minutes plus okay again before it starts with a tiny blip.

    I watched "warehouse 13" in twenty minute bites. It's interesting, but twenty minute or so bites?

    Anyone have any idea on iTunes buffer settings?