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A few days ago, my ipod touch was stolen. I then realized that i did not have the serial number but i remember it poping up in itunes when i synced it. does itunes include the serial number in the data that it stores when it backs up an ipod?
if not, is there any other way i can find the serial number?

thanks in advance

dell dimension 2400, Windows XP
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    Open iTunes, hold down the Control key and choose Help > About iTunes (Windows).
    Release the Control key. As the iTunes and QuickTime version information scrolls, you will see the serial number of the last connected iPod as well as the last connected iPhone's serial number and IMEI.

    See this article for a picture of what you are looking for: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1459
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    first of all, there was nothing about an ipod serial number there.
    also, the stolen ipod was not the last connected ipod, it was my brothers. also, his acts alittle weird and sometimes requires use of the windows funtion that stops connected hardware allowing it to be safely disconected, which may be why it didnt show up under the about itunes article
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    actualy, now that i look at the article you pointed me twards, i notice that it has several serial numbers there, so what i said before shouldnt be a problem, but i am still baffled as to why it didnt say anything about the ipods
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    whoops, i think i didnt hold down ctrl long enough...

    yes, it displayed a serial number, but only for my brothers ipod.

    Maybe this is because i bought the touch from my friend after he got an iphone?
    Would it be registered under his account?
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    Launch iTunes.
    Goto Preferences / Devices.
    Look in the Device Backups list, and mouse-over the appropriate iPod/iPhone.
    It will give you the Serial/IMEI/Phone number.

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    yay! thanks, now i can file a report and probly get insurance money twards it. I doubt i'll ever get the original back, the resource officers at my school are pretty lazy like that...

    but thanks a bunch!
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    Good luck.
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    My iPod nano was also stolen just today actually i figured out that all u have to do is open iTunes press controll and go up to the top menu while u continue to hold down the controll button press Help and go down to About iTunes while u still hold the controll button it has a fast moving menu and the serial number comes up fast so u might need to watch it more than once. Why u have to hold controll i have no idea but if u go straight to help and about iTunes without holding it, it wont give u the same information.