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I have an original iPhone (not 3G). It was working fine until today. Today when I booted my mac mini, Software update said that there was an iTunes update. I downloaded and installed version 8.2 of iTunes. When I connected my iPhone to my mac mini (Intel running 10.4.11), which is what I use to sync my iPhone, iTunes didn't see it. It was as if the iPhone wasn't connected to the mac.

I thought maybe it was the cable. So, I switched cables. It still didn't sync (or even see the iPhone).

I have been charging my iPhone using a wall adapter, so I tried both cables with the wall adapter. The iPhone charged just fine using both cables.

I used the cables and tried to sync my iPod Classic (120GB) with iTunes. I can sync my iPod Classic with iTunes just fine with either cable.

I have an 17" Powerbook G4 running 10.5.7 and I thought I'd try to see if it could see the iPhone. The Powerbook is running iTunes 8.1.1, I haven't upgraded it yet. I was able to see the iPhone and I could try to sync, but the iPhone isn't sync'ed with that iTunes library so the sync doesn't do anything, but at least the Powerbook sees the iPhone and connects with it (and iTunes sees the iPhone as well).

I'm upgrading to iTunes 8.2 to see if the Powerbook can still see the iPhone (just seeing if it was the iTunes upgrade that broke the iPhone sync). Well, the upgrade on the powerbook didn't seem to hurt its ability to see the iPhone.

I'm back at square one. My mac Intel mini running 10.4.11 can't see my iPhone and nothing I do seems to help it see the iPhone, but I can sync my ipod classic using the same cable.

I'm now wondering if there is something wrong with the iPhone. Has anyone else seen this problem?

Mac Intel mini, Mac OS X (10.4.11)