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This may sound like a ridiculous question, but:

Where is the Serial Number/Product Key for iWork'09 Family Pack?

I'm in Germany. I bought a copy from Amazon.com in the US, and had it shipped to a family member in the US.

I downloaded the trial version from Apple and thought I would be able to just have my family read me the Serial Number to activate the software... but they're telling me they don't see a serial number on the packaging.

Any ideas where to tell them to look?



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    This has changed with iWork '09. There is no serial number with the boxed version. If you choose to buy electronically from within one of the iWork apps, you will get a serial number e-mailed to you. To update the trial to the licensed version with the box, just insert the DVD & run the installer. It will then convert the trial to licensed.

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    Here you are in a black hole.

    The downloaded trial version requires a registration code
    the inthebox versions have no such code.

    So you will be forced to use the trial has long as you don't receive the family pack.

    As you are in Germany while the family is in the U.S. it seems that you don't match the rules to use your family's box but it's not my problem, it's one between you and Apple

    Yvan KOENIG (from FRANCE jeudi 4 juin 2009 21:31:02)
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    The family pack license now says it covers students who normally reside in the home but are away from home at college. I believe that would cover anyone who normally lives in the same household but is temporarily away.