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I've been getting a weird slow down problem when browsing the Internet with either Safari or Firefox that seems to be a bit random. I can browse the web fine for a while then all of a sudden pages will just time out. After a few minutes everything starts working fine again. Sometimes it's random but I can force it to happen by opening a lot of images, for example a Google image result search or Facebook, and it happens a lot while browsing www.tomshardware.com. It doesn't always happen immediately but if I continue for a few minutes this issue will occur.

While these pages are timing out I've tried disconnecting from the network and turning off the Airport card on my Mac then reconnecting but this doesn't make any difference and the network access is fine. I also tried pinging a website like google.com and it timed out. I can view my routers admin web site at this time and it shows the ADSL 2 connection is up and has no issues and torrents running in the background are still downloading.

I can download files directly from a link or through a torrent program and run them all night without this issue occuring. It only seems to happen while browsing.

I also have Windows Vista on my MacBook with IE 7 (through Bootcamp) and I have never had this issue while browsing in IE 7 even when I try doing the same things that cause it in Safari.

I'm using a 13" MacBook Black. My internet connection is ADSL 2 with a Belkin modem router connected via Ethernet to my Airport and my MacBook is connected wirelessly to the Airport. This issue happens in both Safari and Firefox. I've run Software Update to download and install all the latest patches for Safari as it's my main browser.

I know this kind of topic has been done over and over but I can't find anything like my particular situation so any help would be very much appreciated.


MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.7)
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    It sounds like a DNS server problem to me. If you are using your ISP's DNS server, try switching to OpenDNS instead. When my ISP's DNS server started giving me grief I switched to OpenDNS and never looked back.
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    Would that also affect IE 7 in Windows Vista? I'll double check when I'm in Windows next but I think they both have the DNS configured to point to my router ( by default and it uses my ISPs DNS. I don't have this problem in Windows Vista on my MacBook. Or could a DNS issue affect OS X specifically?

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    Ok, I put the OpenDNS IPs in my DNS list and I still have this problem. Interestingly it's behaving a little different tonight then it used to (before and after I added OpenDNS). While the pages are timing out I can still ping the servers for those pages and get results of around 300ms for overseas servers where as before I got no ping results. I can visit Google and the Apple website without issue so it seems to be restricted to certain websites and particularly (but not always) pages with images.

    Any more ideas?
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    Well, I'm stumped. The fact that both Firefox and Safari are giving you this problem is very strange. Hopefully someone else will chime in. Good luck.
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    Does anyone else have any suggestions or even where else I could go for support for this kind of issue?


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    This is the same issue as mine:
    Can you ping your router when this occurs? If not, it's not DNS that's the problem.