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I tried to defragment my hd using iDefrag. Prior to defragging, I ran DiskWarrior. iDefrag [which runs fine on my other 3 Macs] went into an endless loop and, when running repeatedly, it generated an error message...cannot move blocks from A to B.

Q at that time: directory issue of hardware issue.

So I zeroed the hd, and hence, retired any bad blocks [if there were any]...after re-loading the software from scratch, when running iDefrag again, I had the same error message and problems. After several tries, I am down to 4 fragmented files with no more than 3 fragments each. All files belong to Spotlight.

The friendly people at Apple Care were as much at a loss as I was. Fact is that I have never had any hd issues in real life.

Does anybody have similar problems and how did you solve them?

Any recommendationw how to go from here?