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  • Bad_Toad Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Has anybody found out what the problem is with our Iphone and Yahoo yet?

    I have mailed Yahoo yesterday but they haven't got to me as of yet! Can someone help me PLEASE?!?!
  • definitely not chuck Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    add me to the list - appears phone can't verify user name and password any more - since 13.30 uk time yesterday (6/6). I use yahoo push on a address (btyahoo account)
  • flyingchunk Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Just to clarify....

    2 3G iPhones in the house. Both on O2. Neither jailbroken or hacked in any way.

    One working fine on yahoo mail.

    One not.

    Non working phone had access to 4 yahoo email accounts that all locked out yesterday around 9am.

    All email accounts are accessable via my laptop without any problem.

    Spoken to Apple 2nd tier tech support who are none the wiser, but are ringing me back tomorrow. We checked numerous things with them including comparing working and non working iPhones. We set up a gmail account on the non working phone without issue.

    I have tried pretty much everything suggested on the threads on here including other threads on other fix.

    I'm not a tech numpty and know what I'm doing.

    I have emailed yahoo. Still no reply.

    It clearly seems like an upgrade of some type that has caused this issue. I susspect to do with the impending 3.0 upgrade, but that's a guess.

    I have had this issue occasionally in the past, but only for a a minute and it has rectified itself without and need of any technical fix.

    I actually got a different message this morning asking me to change my inbound mail settings as well as my imap password being incorrect. Although that's now stopped appearing. You can do this if you set up an email account under "other", but you don't get this option via the yahoo setup. I would however say don't bother, as I've already tried this work around as well, and it didn't work.

    To add insult to injury, Apple sent me a customer care survey to see how my tech support call went (the 2nd tier guy was really helpful!). Unfortunately when I clicked on the link, an error page comes up!

    Guess all is not well at Apple or Yahoo towers.

    I think it is just going to be a waiting game like other have said.

    If get get any joy from Yahoo or Apple over the next 2 days I'll post it here.
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    Hi to everyone...

    I experienced the same problems yesterday in the UK from about 5pm. I have various email accounts from several providers including GMail, Yahoo, and my own domains.

    I can access all except the 4 yahoo accounts. I can access the yahoo accounts via web though so I know they are OK.

    I can also access the accounts if I set them up on the iphone as other (POP) accounts - but this is hardly satisfactory as I use several devices for accessing emails and need the IMAP features.

    I think this is an IMAP server issues at Yahoo as my accounts are with which means my accounts have a extension and not etc

    The problem is I can not test this theory out as Yahoo does not officially have IMAP support. I can set up an account with OUTLOOK as POP and it works BUT NOT with IMAP because the server does not "exist".

    I have had iPhone in the UK since version 2 launch on 10th Nov 2007 and have never experienced a problem like this before.

    So we have a waiting game - I didn't realise how handy checking emails on the iPhone was until I've now had to resort to web. I am now going to forward all my emails to my gmail account...
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    same problem here, it's obvious a problem with Yahoo and not with the iPhone. It was working before, and suddenly a wrong password?
    I tried making a new account on and it doesn't work on my iPhone either. How long does it take for Yahoo to notice the problem? Its been 24h!

    please Apple / Yahoo !
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    Ok. Same problem here but here's what I found myself from hours of messing around.

    The problem occurs with the 'in built' iPhone push account for yahoo mail.

    I tried all the fixes suggested by everyone but still no joy. However, I have 2 BT accounts on my phone.. One was still working, one wasn't...

    Here's what you need to do.. Re-set up your account but add it manually. Then, for the server (I'm on BT but they use yahoomail so this should work) type

    Use your usual name and password and that should have you back up and running.

    Just as a side note, yes I originally had the wrong number of digits showing up on my password too plus I know this means the mail will no longer be pushed to the phone but fetching every 15 mins seems like a good compromise till they sort it.

    I suspect this has something to do with the coming week's mac event

    Hope this works for you all
  • Allan Sampson Level 10 Level 10 (123,385 points)
    If this has something to do with Apple's WWDC that begins on Monday, then everyone who is accessing a Yahoo account with the iPhone's mail client would be having the same problem, which is not the case. This seems to be mostly isolated in Europe.
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    I already mentioned this but you are effectively using POP which means your emails will be downloaded and removed from the server (if you set it that way). Not good if you use multiple clients and want directory structures on your iPhone to sync with server.
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    don't really care who's to blame for this... Was just posting a hopefully working way around it for now..
  • Allan Sampson Level 10 Level 10 (123,385 points)
    Then there isn't much point in including this.

    I suspect this has something to do with the coming week's mac event

    Since you did, I was just providing some logic that dispels it.
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    I'm from Spain and wanted to let you know that here we have the same problem with yahoo accounts configured in the app for iphone.
    I always used to know that gmail and yahoo have joined the push service, which disappointed with these problems.
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    hello out there. I am in the same Boat as u guys are, all over the world. I am from Germany and last night 5 to the 6th June I had access to my Yahoo.mail via Iphone 3 am. which is 9.00 estern usa time... it worked fine... now after I wake up in the mroning the service stop... couldn't access my email any more from my Iphone. so I think it's a yahoo issue?! they are working fixing on the server and worlwide nobody or only a few people have access via Iphone to Yahoo.mail... I know it is a pain in the .... but hopefully soon we will be lucky again ?! I can access my yahoo accounts from my laptop but not via Iphone. bye
  • Allan Sampson Level 10 Level 10 (123,385 points)
    As an FYI, you can access a Gmail account as an IMAP account with the iPhone's Mail client - using the Gmail account preset on the iPhone when creating the account creates the account as an IMAP account, but Google does not provide Push access for a Gmail account with the iPhone's Mail client as Yahoo does that is created using the Yahoo account preset with the iPhone's mail client.
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    Just receive an answer from Yahoo French tech support (for those who understand French) :
    +« Nous vous remercions pour votre mail. Nous vous remercions d'avoir porté ce fait à notre connaissance. Nous nous excusons du désagrément causé. Soyez assuré que la question que vous soulevez a été répertoriée et adressée à nos ingénieurs. N'hésitez pas à nous contacter si le problème persiste après 72 heures. Merci de votre patience et de votre compréhension. Nous restons naturellement à votre disposition. Cordialement, Réka Le support utilisateurs Yahoo! France »+
    For those who don’t, they say +“thanks to bring that problem to us, we’re sorry about the inconvenience. Be sure that this question was sent to the Yahoo engineers. Do not hesitate to contact us if it’s not back to normal in the next 72h. Thank you for your patience and your understanding. We naturally stay at your disposal. Cordially, The support for Yahoo! France users.”+
    In my question I send them a link to this forum so let’s hope there fixing it for all of us and it’ll be back to normal soon.