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I wanted to see if anyone has run into a similar problem. My iPhone had an issue where the sound output from the headset within the phone was distorted. I called AppleCare and they stated that this issue would be covered and to send in the phone and they would send a replacement at no charge as long as there was not any liquid damage or damage beyond regular use. Note that I would have taken the phone to an Apple store but I live in a rural area 2 hours away.

Needless to say, I received an email indicating that my warrant was void and I was being charged $205 dollars for a replacement as my phone had "liquid damage". The phone was never exposed to water or any other liquids which has made this very difficult to swallow. I do live in hte mountains and am surrounded in snow and rapidly changing temperatures but I'm not sure what the indicator would be set off by these conditions. In addition after talking to a manager today I was told that the phone has visual indicators which I could have checked ahead of time, in which case I would have lived with the sound distortions. I was told that I could have found this information on the website and therefore was informed.

Anyway, at this point I'm very disapointed and I am hoping someone out there can help or maybe Apple will notice that a good amount of people are having similar problems. Maybe they will even change their policy and inform everyone on the phone on how to check for liquid damage...

iPhone 3G
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    Since this is a user to user help forum only for technical support issues and questions, no one here can help you with this.

    You can always cancel your iPhone being exchanged under Apple's out of warranty or not covered under the warranty "repair" price, which pays for an exchange. Up until recently, you Apple didn't offer the discounted "repair" price for an iPhone with the moisture indicators tripped.
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    If you do a forum search, you'll find that this has been discussed here ad nauseam, in numerous threads. Liquid damage can be caused by condensation, exposure to sweat and rain, as well as a myriad of other scenarios besides obvious submersion.

    Regarding Apples policy about water exposure, this is a user-to-user tech support site and you aren't addressing Apple here. The other iPhone users in this conference have no input. In fact, Apple recently revised it's policy in that they used to charge the full (unsubsidized) replacement price - $599 for the 16GB. It's not likely they will modify this further.
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    See this link for locations of "Liquid Indicators"


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    That support page is correct, but it isn't something the average iPhone owner would come across. The moisture sensors and water damage exclusion aren't mentioned in the materials supplied with the phone, the User Guide, or even specifically referred to in the warranty exclusion section. Furthmore, that page refers to them as "Liquid Submersion Indicators", which is somewhat misleading as it doesn't require "submersion" to trip them.
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    "The liquid submersion indicator will be activated when it comes in direct contact with liquid. The indicators are designed not to be triggered by humidity and temperature changes that are within the product's environmental requirements described by Apple."

    There is nothing in this statement that implies that the iPhone needs to be "submerged" in a liquid.
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    There is nothing in this statement that implies that the iPhone needs to be "submerged" in a liquid.

    The problem is that this statement appears only in a fairly obscure support article and not in any iPhone docs, the warranty, or the iPhone pages on the Apple site. Also, calling them "Submersion Indicators" doesn't clearly convey what they do.

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