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My wife is using a Macbook Air (10.5.4) and would like to access photos stored on our iMac G4 (10.4.11).

She can connect to the G4 using cmd-K but the only volumes in /User that show up are those of the four family members, the /User/Shared volume is not visible and this is where the photos are; from the G4 of course all users have access. I checked the permissions on the folder and it looks correct...rwx for all.

Also, in her own volume on the G4 she cannot open the system standard folders (Movies, Desktop, Library, etc.) from the Air but she can open any folders and docs she created.

I tried Mac Help but didn't find anything useful.

iMac flat panel, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    Hi, if nothing else get Sharepoints...


    Use it to set specific rights on /User/Shared or any folder you wish to.
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    As BDAqua reported, you'll need SharePoints to add the iMac G4 Tiger Shared folder as a mount point.

    When attempting to access her own volume on the iMac G4 Tiger from the MacBook Air running Leopard, is she attempting to connect as a guest user or as a registered user? If just clicking on the iMac icon in a Finder window's sidebar, it might be trying to allow login as a guest, not a registered user. Try connecting from Finder's menubar > Go > Connect to server (then enter afp://{networkname_of_imacG4}) or Go > Network (and doubleclick on iMac icon) and when prompted to save password to keychain, do so ‑‑ if no login password (to her account on the iMac) has been previously saved in her Keychain (on the MBA), it would restrict her to logging in as a guest.